Will Jessica Lynch end up a millionaire after all this?

Is Jessica Lynch going to end up a millionaire for serving her country and nearly getting blown up? How much did she get for the bad TV movie and her book deal?

I don’t think the girl is going to end up Mega wealthy, but she’ll end up with enough money to buy herself a new Dodge Ram pickup truck and have a lovely paid for home in the mountains of West Virginia. Not to mention, her college paid for by the state of West Virginia. You know, West Virginia sounds like a lovely place to retire after my 15 minutes are up.


Shouldn’t it be paid for by the whole US of A? I thought that was what the GI Bill did. Or does this not count, not being a declared war?

IANASoldier, but I believe the GI Bill doesn’t apply in Jessica Lynch’s case because her military career was cut short, so to speak. I could be wrong on this point and I welcome {gentle} correction if true.

That two West Virginia universities are lining up to offer Ms. Lynch a free education would seem rather redundant if she qualified for the GI Bill (or some other Army-supplied education).

Also, I believe that one of the Univiersities offering Ms. Lynch a free education (Mason University???) is private.

Oops - I forgot to answer the OP.

Jessica Lynch was paid handsomely when she sold the rights to her story to [insert publisher here] for her book and to NBC for her movie. Some Googling will tell you exactly how much, but my WAG is that she made in the neighborhood of $100,00-400,000, before taxes, for each sale.

That won’t make her filthy rich by anyone’s standards, but it’s a fortune in rural West Virginia. That’ll give her enough to buy a house free and clear, plus all the cars she could possibly want, and live comfortably on her salary as a teacher.

Lynch got a half million for the Bragg biography. One assumes that was before taxes.

She gets nothing out of tonight’s movie, as it’s based on the Iraqi doctor’s book.

Everyplace I look it says she got a million for the book deal. Unless half goes to various agents.

Bragg got half of the million for writing the book.

Life ain’t always fair.