Will Marc Emery be a major influence in next Canadian election?

The Star

Excerpt from the story:

So, the question is, is Marc right? Will he be able to get out the youth vote?

I don’t think Marc Emery will be a major political influence in the next election. He might actually hurt the Liberals, who seem to be in favor of legalization of pot, if they associate with him too closely. I support legalization and think he has taken plenty of lumps for supporting this cause, but he is a “live wire” who tends to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

You forgot - Who the hell is Marc Emery?

His wife is planning on running in the next election I think. Voters however will likely see Mr Emery’s treatment of extradition to the US as either proof of the Conservative’s bizarre hard on crime fetish or as a sign of left wing softness on drugs.

Assuming anyone notices him at all.

I support legalization, and I also support preventing Marc Emery from going with 100 yards of a microphone or journalist. If he were advocating to give Dr. Drake a million dollars, I’d still likely vote against whoever he supported just because Emery is a smug and smarmy ass.

His wife was running for an election in my riding, and I talked to her for about 20 minutes one day. Not only was she a single-issue candidate, she came across as genuinely stupid, mostly because she held no opinions on other major issues of the riding and was totally incurious about them. She was also supremely ignorant of how government works, not something I find to be an asset in a candidate. She seemed to feel that if only marijuana users were in goverment, all problems would magically solve themselves.

https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/2019/01/19/marc-emery-sexual-harassment-claims/ - Marc Emery is a Creep.


Looks like his 15 minutes is up. No impact this election either.