Will my body make Vitamin D from sunlight through a window?

Nothing fancy, just ordinary window glass in a home (fairly old glass, at that.)

I don’t spend much time outside, but I do spent several hours a day in front of a very large window. It’s west facing, so the light is mostly indirect, but it’s bright enough to read by without turning on a light during the day.

Is the right spectrum of light for Vit D production getting through the window?

Bonus question: am I risking sun damage/cancer sitting in front of the window so much? I don’t get a sunburn, but I’m not sure if there are other wavelengths that cause damage but no burn. I have lots of “pre-cancerous” moles (that is, moles that the dermatologist gets excited over and likes to lop off and biopsy every do often, but they’ve all been benign) so I’m religious about sunscreen when I’m outdoors for more than about 15 minutes, but I don’t wear it indoors.

If it’s old glass it probably doesn’t have any UV coating on it.

If it has UV coating, then you won’t make Vit D since UV is what stimulates production of the vitamin.

edit: whether you are outside or by a window, the sun has to be UV-ey enough. Wikipedia says sunlight with a UV index of 3 or above is necessary.

Vitamin D production requires exposure to UV B rays.

Ordinary window glass blocks UV B rays.

So, that’s a no, then? Dang.

Thanks for the help, though!

well, 90% of it.

but, yes, i was incorrect.