Will Obamacare cost Social Security recipients more?

Someone I know IRL is insisting that more money (more than is already taken out for Medicare) will be taken out of Social Security checks. I doubt it but Google fu hasn’t presented specific proof so far. It seems like a straightforward question; does anybody know?

Nothing? Nobody? I’m still looking.

This article says no.

Thank you AuntiePam.

You’re welcome, and thanks for asking. I have Medicare Part B and hadn’t thought to check it out, whether I’d be paying more. The linked article doesn’t say that anyone has looked at the ACA to see what it says about Medicare, but I’m hoping it’s accurate.

I haven’t heard there will be an increase in premiums but I have read that there will be cuts of some sort made to Medicare to help pay for the ACA. Supposedly these cuts will be made by eliminating “inefficiencies” in the program, but I’ve seen nothing so far to indicate what those inefficiencies are or exactly what it is that will be cut. Anyone have knowledge of this?

I don’t know how to link to a PDF, but if you Google “Medicare inefficiencies ACA”, the first link (from spectator.org) is a very readable and easy to understand paper that addresses this.

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

I remember the stink that people raised against Social Security when Roosevelt had it come in. It is an Insurance(The right would say forced) people pay into, some for many years and they let Social Securitybe their only form of retirement, some because of low paying jobs their only form they could afford.

I do think that people that earn enough money to go on trips to Europe etc. Spend many dollars to go to a ball game, concerts,plays, etc., should buy Insurance, the money they spend in one year could pay for good insurance coverage. If they choose not to buy Insurance, then should some accident ot illness strike them, they shouldn’t expect others who sacrificed some of their pleasures to buy insurance, shouldn’t have to pay for them. Just like buying home owners Insurance; should a flood or weather related accident destroy their home that isn’t covered by insurance, they suffer the consequence of their actions.