Will pool water hurt a key?

Silly question but I feel like I should be sure…

I have a gym locker that is a keyed lock, not a combination. I usually just take my lanyard and key out to the pool deck and leave it on my towel. But now that I’ve got an expensive phone in my locker, I’d rather keep the key on my person.

Do I need to put the key in some sort of waterproof contraption while it’s in the pool with me or will it be safe just out in the water, around my neck? (I’m thinking rust)

I’ve kept the key - and lock - in my wet gym bag for years to no ill effect but still, want to make sure I’m not going to ruin anything.

I have been taking the keys to the rental villa I have been going to for 16 years into the ocean and they are apparently undamaged. Fresh water is even less likely to matter.

Your typical key is made out of nickel plated brass. 60-70 years of jumping in and out of a pool with it and it might become an issue.

I imaging you do other things, so I don’t expect it wouldn’t be an issue in your lifetime.

Back when I swam in a hotel pool the locker keys were on an elastic lanyard that fit around your wrist. You just swam with the key attached.

Thanks, all!

If something unexpected happens - like a reaction that burns an outline of the key into my chest when I dip in to the hot tub - I’ll post pics :slight_smile:

Keys are made from all sorts of alloys.

The cheapest copies may be a problem, because a bad alloy will corrode, and a good one won’t… You’ll get weeks of warning about the problem, so you are fine to use whatever you have now, and should the problem start up, then you could go to the key cutter and ask for the chlorine resistant quality key… nickel gives brass, as with steel, the corrosion resistance… nickel gives brass a silver look.

Almost all (maybe all?) common keys are made of brass. It won’t rust.

If that happens, you need to tell us where the hell you got a sodium-alloy key from.

If it’s a normal sane metal key made from a normal sane key alloy (brass, for instance, plated or otherwise), it’s only been done by millions of human beings over as many centuries as metal keys have existed.

Boring :frowning:

Then we’ll be able to make a key to match your chest outline and use it to open your locker!

To state the almost obvious for the casual reader who may come along later.

Pool and ocean water is find for a plain metal key like to a front door or a padlock.

It’s NOT fine for a key with electronics & pushbuttons like most car keys these days.