Will the bailout plan get loaded with pork?

I’d like to keep this non-partisan and GQ.

It seems like whenever there is emergency legislation to handle a crisis that the bill gets loaded up with a lot of special interest spending that is not relevant to the crisis. Probably a good example of this is the Homeland Security spending spree that bought all kinds of stuff for people and places that were not under any real threat.

I would like it if those that are up on the legislative process would clue us in to the kinds of things that are going to get packed (snuck) in that involve spending money or taking care of a special interest that is not truly relevant to the problem at hand.

Loans for the auto industry (which were approved last year, but not funded) are probably going to get tossed in there.

Since this relief has to be rushed through with the highest priority, we may not know until after it has been passed.

Is the bailout plan itself not already pork?

I read that a foreign bank, in Sweden I believe, is insisting that their bad debt (American mortgages) be included in the bailout. Is that pork?

I’m bumping this because I think this was the first thread to raise the question. I’ve heard news reports that the bailout bill is loaded with stuff like considerations for movie producers, rum importers and a bunch of other nonsense.

I support a bailout bill in order to prevent an economic collapse but if we can’t pass an emergency measure without a bunch of pork then the whole system disgusts me. Maybe we need to collapse. I can only hope, and I know it won’t happen, that an issue can be made of all the Senators and Representatives that insisted on pork in order to cast their vote are exposed and voted out.

There has to be a way that we can deal with emergency legislation and prohibit such tactics. What we are seeing in the TRUE corruption of Washington.

Can’t argue with that, but so far as John Q. Public is concerned, his legislator is doing his job. Everybody else’s is adding pork.

Here’s a synopsis from Taxpayer’s for Common Sense that outlines the biggest beneficiaries of pork in the bailout bill.

Thank you Darryl, I think I will email this to everyone I know.