Will The Fiate 500 be A Success in the USA?

I am following the relaunch of FIAT in the USA. local dealers are now taking orders for the new 500 model, which itself is a relaund of the old Fiat 500.
I wish FIAT every success, but it seems (to me) that they face enormous challenges:
-FIAT has a very bad history in the USA (rusting bodies, rather unreliable engines, poor parts support)
-the 500 is expensive-with reasonable options, the price is pushing $19,000-which is a LOT for a micro car
-the dealer network is quite thin-which means problems when repairs are needed
Other than that, the small car market in the USA is flooded-Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Nissan, Honda,Chevrolet, Ford all have small cars in the class that compete with the 500…often better equipped and for less money.
As I say, I wish them luck…but I feel bad for people who wind up buying a turkey-should FIAT decide to pull out, your cute little 500 will join Peugeot, Renault, Daihatsu,Stirling, etc., as the latest orphan car in America.

Fiat’s dealer network is Chrysler’s dealer network, no? (eta: I know that not every Chrysler dealership is going to sell the 500, but the corporate connection is such that I’m sure you can have your 500 serviced at any Dodge/Chrysler dealership).

The 500 is a great car. Magazine reviews can’t praise it enough. It’s not your father’s Fiat, and the people interested in buying them don’t even remember the last time Fiat sold cars here.

Mini Cooper.

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