Will the issue of the economy ultimately sink the Republican ticket?

Obama supporters gave a sigh of relief this morning as his numbers this week have bounced back up and in the shadow of a US economic crisis pollsshow more people trust Obama to get us out of it than McCain. The post convention bump for the GOP has turned out to be a pimple as Gov. Palin opens her mouth more and more people can see and hear with their own eyes and ears how completely deft she sounds - Katie Couric of all people couldn’t get Palin to answer a question on McCain’s record,


I’m sure the polls will fluctuate more and more as the election gets closer, but with McCain’s recent bid to suspend the campaign and the upcoming debate, the republican ticket is frankly not looking that stately, in fact, it is beginning to look like Obama’s strategy of staying tight to the issues and away from the attack is paying dividends on issues that are at the top of the ticket.

Obama has been hammering the economy hard since the GOP convention ended, looks like a good overall move for the Obama camp.


Will the economy eventually sink the republican ticket this year? Seems to me the more Palin and McCain answer questions oon national tv the more their polls slip. at night was a terrible night for the republican ticket, How will this shake out with just under 6 weeks till the final lap?