Will the next president serve more than one term?

It’s been said (though I can’t confirm) that McCain said long ago he won’t serve more than one term. So if he wins, and this is true, he’s definitely out.

If Palin needs to take over as POTUS after a McCain victory, it’s anybody’s guess. Although IMO, I’m not sure the average voter would be that happy with her after a few years of her running things, mostly because of the inexperience issue. Just my instinct; I could be wrong.

If Obama wins, he’ll be in inheriting such a huge economic mess that it’s hard to see how he’ll avoid being tarred with it in four years, since very few seem to think it’ll be totally fixed by then, and he may have to break campaign promises along the way because of the enormity of it. Plus, conservatives hate him at a Clinton (Bush for liberals) level, and will do their best to highlight his every misstep (and remind people ENDLESSLY of his previous).

Is there any way any of these people will serve a second term?

As far as the economic crisis goes, the parallel to Obama is FDR. He was a Democrat who was elected during a horrible economic situation left by his Republican predecessor. Even though the situation still existed when he ran for re-election, his attempts to resolve it and inspire the nation helped him to be re-elected. And of course he ended up serving longer than any president in American history. I think it is entirely possible for Obama to serve two full terms, especially if the Republican party is as severely battered by this election as appears likely at this point.

Bah. I remember during the whole Election Recount Fiasco in 2000 that “No matter which of them wins the recount, he’ll be a one-termer.”

We got the worst of that deal, and the retard still managed to get hisself a second term.


Well, I’m not one to overestimate the intelligence of… anyone, but won’t people remember the whole Bush-put-us-in-Iraq-for-five-years-then-the-economy-collapsed thing?

He has to do the FDR thing and make people feel good. He has to make them think he shares their pain. If he does that he will be reasonably safe.
The repubs will want to restart the special council and have him investigated from day one. They will be merciless.
If McCain gets in it will matter how much he owes the repubs for the victory. If Rove and his dark minions are guaranteed spots in his cabinet ,much money will flow up. The masses will suffer and even more war will come. If he rallies us in the attack of Iran and convinces us that he is saving America from the evil ones, he will have a chance to become president geezer 2. A two termer like Bush who saved us from such evil nations.