Will the other Supreme Court justices make fun of Kavanaugh?

“Hey Brett, welcome to the court. Would you like a beer?”

“How was your weekend? Do any boffing?”

“Don’t worry Brett, you’re safe from the Clintons here.”

Etc. etc. Do the SCOTUS judges goof around like that?

I’m sure they will all be sober as a judge.

Well, a third of the men have been publicly accused of sexual assault, so not everybody will be teasing I’m sure.

I wish they would, but they won’t.

If they do, I hope it starts with RBG.

Nah, they only wake her up for the really important cases.

I would hope not. Not out of any sense of professionalism, but because this is not insignificant enough for gentle ribbing. The drinking thing is possibly perjury. And he may attempt to rape people when they are drunk.

I would actually expect only the ones who were so accused to possibly crack jokes, since, to them, it’s no big deal.

Maybe Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas will spend the weekends together driving around Washington in a van and solving mysteries.

Justice Kagan hired him as a law professor at Harvard.

In 2008. Are you suggesting that the allegations about Kavanaugh were already common knowledge ten years ago? Because I’ll admit they came as a surprise to me and I assumed they came as a surprise to many other people. As far as I was aware, Kavanaugh didn’t have any skeletons like this in his closet when he was nominated. I figured Kavanaugh was a smart choice because I thought he had a clean background.

“No, officer, we don’t know anything about any missing women and it’s just a coincidence that a vehicle that looks like this has been seen around so many crime scenes. We just driving around to…solve mysteries. Yeah, that’s it, we’re solving mysteries. Right, Clarence?”
“What? I thought you said we were going to-”
“Shut up, Clarence! Go back to sleep!”
“Okay, just wake me up when we got one.”

“Shut up, Renate! We don’t care what you think!”

And both of Roberts nomination to the Bench during Bush II were worked on by Kavanaugh. He knows Kagan and went to school with and worked with Gorsuch.
Its a fairly small world, most of them know each other, so I suspect he’ll be fine.

The Justices need to be able to persuade one another toward their points of view. There is no benefit to needless antagonism.

The SCOTUS has it’s own sort of low-level hazing for new justices, so there will be ample opportunity to give him a little grief. But I doubt any of the other justices will explicitly rib him about something as serious as the charges against him were.

The justices on the Supreme Court do not necessarily interact all that much outside of chambers; a lot of the detail work in writing opinions is actually coordinated and done by the clerks, so unless there is a major point of dissension that two or more judges want to resolve, they won’t necessarily sit down and discuss it “in chambers”. Their offices are all on the second floor (except Sotomayor’s, which is on the third floor with the clerks) and the common facilities such as the library, gym, dining room, et cetera are shared so they presumably run into one another, but it’s well known that there have been personal animosities between many of the justices over the years, and in particular Clarence Thomas, who has never been well regarded on the court even by fellow conservatives, was reportedly treated with polite coldness by many of the the other justices, and rarely attracts the best clerks (although serving as a clerk on the Supreme Court even for a lessor judge is still an important watermark on a career aiming toward the federal judiciary).

I doubt the justices will openly mock Kavanaugh in the manner the o.p. somewhat frivolously describes, but I doubt Ginsberg or Kagen is going to sit with him at lunch or otherwise spend much time with him outside of professional contact, and because Kavanaugh is likely to be contentious and has demonstrated himself to be, uh, assertive, the more liberal justices are likely to limit a lot of daily contact to communications between their clerks. I have a difficult time seeing even a conservative like Gorsuch wanting to be overly associated with Kavanaugh after that performance at a hearing, but I guess we’ll see what Kav’s persona is like as a justice. Maybe he’ll be a reasoned legal mind who listens and responds with measured opinions, or maybe he’ll do kegstands in chambers and come out shadowboxing in court like he did in his hearing.


They have lost whatever pride they had in being good enough to be a Supreme Court Justice.

They’ll probably do things like hide his gavel, superglue the zipper of his robe shut, tell him the men’s room is out of order so he’ll just have to hold it until quitting time, paste a target on his back like the Far Side cartoon, not tell him where they’re all going to lunch. You know, whimsical, friendly stuff.

I think they should take a Whoopee Cushion and label it “Boof Pad” before slipping it under his seat.

RBG: “You’ve just had a cubic liter of nitrous oxide squirted up your rectum! …feel anything yet?”

Though there are some exceptions.