Will the Simpsons ep. where Siegfried & Roy are mauled get pulled from syndication?

I can’t remember the episode, (the casino one?), but there was a scene where Montecore (the white tiger) is having a flashback to when he was in the jungle sleeping peacefully, then Siegfried and Roy pull up and shoot him with a dart, (“Yoo Hoo! Mister Tiger!”)then it flash forwards to him wearing a tutu riding a unicycle and he gets pissed and mauls them.

Do you think they’ll pull this episode from syndication?

Well, if they pulled the one where Homer’s car is booted in NYC between the Twin Towers, then they might pull this one. BTW, I don’t know for sure if they’ve pulled the NY episode. I just haven’t seen it since 9/11.

Today Siegfried said that the tiger was trying to help Roy after he fell, and that the show will go on. If they do return to the stage, less reason to pull the show.

Also, IIRC, that scene was one of many “throwaway” gags in that episode. They could just as easily cut that one scene and replace it timewise with the standard syndication cut scene.

Upon rereading my post it appears that I have contributed nothing but wild speculation!:wink:

They showed the NYC one on DC Fox 5 about a year after 9/11, if that helps.

I don’t know about that one, but the funniest bit is when Apu gets married and you see at the Air India desk Siegfried and Roy. Something along these lines:
“I’m afraid your tiger was sent to St. Louis.”
“I should send you to St. Louis!”
“No, no, he’s not worth it.”
“Would you please identify your tiger type on this chart?”
“Uh, number six.”

There’s also a Weird Newscasters segment of “Whose Line” with Ryan as Seigfried & Roy being attacked by a rogue tiger.

I love that bit. I grew up in St. Louis, and I get to use that line once a year when my wife asks me if we’re going to St. Louis for Christmas.

My favorite Siegfried and Roy scene is when Homer and Ned get married in Vegas and they get ridden out of town by S&R, Tyson, the Moody Blues. Crappy episode but this one line is great:

Wife 1: “Don’t ever try to marry us again!”
Wife 2: “Yeah - we found some guys that know how to treat a woman!” and she gestures towards Siegfried and Roy. The tigers glance at each other and roll their eyes. :smiley:

they didn’t pull the one where they claim everyone in tower two of the WTC is a jerk… so:

No… no they will not.

Montecore is the tiger who bit Roy; I’m not sure it’s right to ID him as the one in the Simpsons ep. I’m sure Siegfried and Roy had multiple male white tigers.

Btw, the account that the tiger wasn’t trying to hurt Roy is in dispute. S&R’s performing future is in doubt as well.

All that said, I doubt any of the Simpsons’ references to the guys will be pulled (there were a couple of them).

Will they pull the episode?

Only if Roy dies.

Pull it? Like hell. They’ll probably be doing jokes about it later this season.

Has any Simpsons episode ever been pulled from syndication?

I’ve never seen the casino episode in syndication, which is unfortunate as it’s one of my favorites, with the Florida costume, Homer angry at Gamblor, and Mr. Burns pulling a gun on Smithers threatening him if he doesn’t get into the Spruce Goose…

The tiger appearing on the Simpsons is identified as ‘Anastasia’

I’ve seen it in syndication at least twice.

Well, they did change the name on the purloined Oscar that Homer flushed down the loo from ‘Haing S. Ngor’ to ‘Don Ameche’ after Mr. Ngor’s murder.

Of course, that’s a long way off pulling an episode from syndication, and it didn’t effect the running time of the episode at all.

Heheh, please, Burns’s plane was the Spruce Moose. What connection are you assuming? :wink:

Well, for minor syndication corrections, there was the episode in which Milhous describes buying a wicker basket at Pier One, then finding out it contained a passed-out, lice-infested, malaria-infected monkey. In later broadcasts, the store’s name was changed to “Trader Pete.”

Evidently, Pier One objected. Hmph. Some people.

“Nothing can stop us now… except microscopic germs.”

The Onion pulled a point-counterpoint article they had JUST posted that was a debate between Siegfried and Roy.

Actually, it was an opinion piece- it’s been mirrored here if anyone’s interested.