Will the whole White Album be available for Beatles Rock Band?

I’ve become quite addicted to Beatles Rock Band ever since I got it as a present, and I have quickly tired of the available songs, even after downloading the Abbey Road Medley and the rest of Sgt. Pepper’s. Really, what I want is the White Album. This is my favorite Beatles album and it’s got some of the most kickass songs (Savoy Truffle, Glass Onion, I’m So Tired, Don’t Pass Me By [yeah I like that one, sue me], Sexy Sadie, Blackbird, Rocky Raccoon) so I would really like to be able to play it in Beatles Rock Band. I mean, out of the whole White Album, they only included (I think) five songs in the game?

So will this ever be released as downloadable content? Does anyone know?

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There is A LOT of speculation there about the next set of DLC to be released… and in summary: it’s all speculation, there is not a sniff from Harmonix as to what will be next if anything.

Regardless of that, the prognosticators main theories are:

  • Revolver
  • Magical Mystery Tour
  • Nothing, there will be no more Beatles DLC.

(BTW… Agent, you do know that Rubber Soul was released a few weeks ago?)

The problem here is that since the masters for the albums are so freaking old, they’re on four tracks, or four tracks with multiple generations of mixing, combining 20 or 30 tracks into four, some pretty hefty and unique computer time has to be put in to separating them.

(I think TB:RB is why we finally got the remastered albums.)

IF the previous albums sell well enough, we will get more. IF they did not, we will not. The promised-at-launch albums have all come out. If there is another album, we’ll probably get them all. On the other hand, there’s a chance that what we have is all we’ll have.

And yeah, there’s no Hey Jude yet. And that’s a crime.

Meh. It might seem that way, but by my estimates that song is 4 hours of the same 4 bars and nanananaaaas, over and over. Probably gets old really fast - the Police songs sure did.

I agree Kobal2, the best RB songs, IMHO, are the ones that have interesting Bass/Drum lines… and there is no shortage of those in the Beatles songbook.

For example, “Rain” and “Strawberry Fields Forever” would be great choices.

I am completely aware that Hey Jude is the same four bars over and over again. I do not care. It is one of a very small number of perfect things.

That said, I really want Blackbird.

And this is why I want Hey Jude. Stuck in Newark for four hours. In an airport. And it brought peace anyhow.

Good luck doing Revolution 9 on hard.