Will There Be A Dent In Religious Attendance?

Because of the bombings of churches and mosques? Oddly enough, my parents (both atheists) came over and said they had gone to church.

I think the numbers will go down, but not significantly.

As an atheist, I’m bothered by the idea that people would abandon faith merely because asshole terrorists happened. There are good reasons to discard faith but that’s not one of them.

I’ll give a pass to those killed or currently hospitalized, though. They need not attend.

Locally, and in the short term, sure, I could see it having a small impact.

Longer-term, and globally (or even regionally)? I highly doubt it, unless there was an extended, targeted campaign of attacks on places of worship.

In much of the western world, attendance at worship services has been on a downward trend for decades, anyway.

Not to diminish these horrific attacks but haven’t there been deadly attacks on places of worship since places of worship were invented?

When I was a kid someone tried to burn down our church. They only got one room. Didn’t deter us whatsoever.

I don’t go to church anymore but it has nothing to do with that.

And I still go to movies even though I frequently ponder getting shot. Worth it!!

I don’t see this affecting church, mosque, ashram, etc. attendance any more than it has affected movie attendance, restaurant patronage, school enrollment, etc.

Have Jews in Pittsburgh stopped going to the synagogue?

Rhetorical question. No, they have not.

Not systematically and not by themselves. In fact, places of worship used to be sanctuaries in multiple cultures.

And sometimes when people perceive that their religion is under attack what happens is an uptick. People are a lot more likely to stop attending religious meetings because they’d rather stay in bed or go play some sports than because of terrorism.

I would counter that faith in God is not the same as ‘church’ attendance. It doesn’t mean one abandons faith, but perhaps takes it as a sign that god is moving them to a new place.

Few good points… Attendance has been going down, and before the internet, you didn’t hear about it 24/7, you might read a few lines in the news… I guess things hit people hardest with videos taken by those there, as opposed to only media networks.