WIll there be an 'evil food' for the new millenium?

Ok, so I’m told by many different sources that each decade carries with it an “evil food” trend. We all know that it was fat in the 90’s, I clearly remember it being sugar in the 80’s, and I’m told that it was carbohydrates in the 70’s. So far it’s 2003 and we’re still cruising along with fat.

Are there any signs that we might find another evil food to migrate towards hating while fat goes the way of sugar and carbs (still evil but less oft mentioned)?

Also, what were the evil foods of previous decades? Did this start in the 70’s or were people watching out for certain ingredients back in the 60’s, 50’s, etc?

It seems that processed complex carbohydrates are (rightfully) getting some recognition as Bad Foods, with the food pyramid possibly being reworked.

A carcinogen, acrylamide, has been found in significant quantities in some foods, e.g., fried potatoes, chips, etc. This is so new that there have been no time to do studies establishing correlations which would indicate an overall risk factor.

But it has a lot of people in food sciences very worried.

Looks like it’s carbs. Definitely carbs. If I see one more low carb commercial I’m going to choke myself.

Not to pat myself on the back too much but I knew fat couldn’t stay in style much longer.

Funny; complex carbohydrates are still being promoted as a good thing here, mostly.

“Here” being the Kingdom of Butter?

The UK, sorry; breakfast cereals here are typically promoted with slogans like “Packed with complex carbohydrates, for slow-release energy to keep you going right up to lunch.”

A lot of the low-carb dieters have tried low-fat diets and failed. Many of them will fail at low-carb diets, at which point some slick marketer with a low-fat campaign will be along to console them. This will continue forever.

Maybe low-fibre will be the next fad; the slogan will be “The Constipation Plan - you’ll be so full of shit, you won’t want to eat!”

I think the previous poster mentioned processed carbs specifically. Like, white flour, white sugar. I agree with that one.
(mmm… trendspotting)

I heard a new one on tv just the other night. The new “bad” food is quantity.
The dietician said we eat too much of everything. Makes sense to me. I know a fat vegetarian. Check out the calorie charts for fruits sometime.