Will there be Presidential Debates this year?

At this point, are there still plans to hold a series of Presidential debates this fall?

I don’t see any reason why you can’t have them. You don’t need an audience, and in fact I think it would be better to not have the peanut gallery whooping and cheering. You can have the debate in a TV studio and easily keep the two candidates and the moderator(s) a safe distance apart from each other.

They could even do a town hall style debate, just have people call in or text/email questions.

So, somebody tell me why this wouldn’t work?

Presidential debates have jumped the shark years ago. They are entirely pointless, they sway virtually no votes, they’re a colossal wast of time. Everybody thinks their guy wins. They’re nothing but joint press conferences and the questions are generally ill thought out and superficial. I hope this year they are not held and are never held again.

While that may be the case, they are also TV shows. There will always be media providers who want to air them (and make themselves feel relevant by hosting them), even if they don’t get big ratings.

The entertainment value alone makes me pray for them to be held.

I mean it’s a given Trump will say some spectacularly fucked up insane shit, but I have a deep abiding faith that Biden will provide us with at least a few breathtaking “OMG-WTF?!” moments.

As things stand now, I don’t see debates happening. But as Trump, in ALL of his wisdom would say: “Maybe there will be, and maybe there won’t. We’ll see.”
I’d be stunned to learn that there are actually people who would require debates of Trump vs. Biden to figure out where they stand.

I honestly don’t see what either of them have to gain. Trump will only say more stupid shit and Biden’s best play is to keep quiet and let him.

Just a couple sundowning warmonger rapists providing laffs while we all die. What a hoot!

Hey Sunshine! How you doin’?

I read an article a few months back, unfortunately I can’t remember where exactly, that was written by someone who worked on League of Women Voters candidate debates at the local level. The article basically talked about the rules for LWV sponsored debates and why they stopped sponsoring the presidential debates. Both parties tried to add so many rules and conditions that LWV backed out of the whole thing altogether. And the thing is, the rules were totally sensible, like no audience cheering, no interrupting while someone is speaking, everyone gets a chance to respond. Which I guess is why the parties and the networks found them unreasonable. That’s the kind of debate I’d like to see. (If I can find that article I’ll post a link.)

The question behind my OP though wasn’t whether we should have them at all, but more a question of whether they would be cancelled or have their format changed significantly due to coronavirus.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Biden and Trump both decided not to participate, for whatever reason.

lol it’s funny because things are incredibly bad and no one’s going to do shit about it other than transfer money upward while starting wars.

I foresee any “debate” (they ain’t really debates) season to coincide with the next wave of COVID contagion and spiking death counts. These “debates” will be Zoom affairs with candidates and moderators staying safely home. One or more entities will hack the signals so nobody will be sure exactly what happens. Whoever has the best FX wizards will win. Watch the fat golden goose laying eggs! See the tired old man snoring while standing! Maybe one will debate an empty chair. We can only hope…

It’s an opportunity to start over and have real debates. Just the candidates and a moderator.

In the current atmosphere of reality TV, perhaps we could have challenge debates. Sanders or Warren challenge Trump to debate as a prime time TV event.

If the debates don’t happen the media might do virtual debates using video clips of the candidates statements on issues. Kind of reality SNL.

I predict that 45 will back out of the debates and then claim that it was Biden who backed out. I only think that specific combination has around a 25% chance of occuring but for any other candidate in history it would be unthinkable.

Trump at his core is a self promoter. If given the opportunity to be on television, there’s no way he’s giving that up.

There will be debates.

Dan Rather called them joint appearances and that is really what they are.

If Biden and his team can come us with some excuse that they think will be even halfway believable they will likely try to duck out. I really don’t blame them… do you? Joe’s been slipping for a while now. He doesn’t think fast and he can’t keep his train of thought for very long. It hurts to watch and I’m not a Biden fan.

And even if he did have all his faculties he doesn’t have a good track record. ( Even excluding Tara Reade ) He’s gonna try to bail.

This seems likely - unless he has Biden arrested first. Expect Barr to announce probes.

When Biden said, ‘I think we’ve had enough debates’, he was referring to Sanders, not Putin’s incoherent puppy, who will be no match for a polished pro. Expect much yelling.