Will this election also be decided by the perverse American fetish for GUNS?

This is a fair, lucid and excellent argument. I appreciate this.

Your indignation would be far more interesting to me if it weren’t covered in crap. You tried to obfuscate the discussion by dragging in non-sequitors, and then got butt-hurt when you got called out on it.

Don’t want to get shot down? Don’t take Snoopy’s doghouse-Sopwith-camel into the No-Fly Zone.

I’m still waiting for those left-wing terrorism incidents. I haven’t freaked out about anything today yet.

If guns were outlawed, then there would be by definition no responsible legal owners. Everyone who had a gun would be a criminal. But you seem to be working with some definition of “criminal” other than “someone who commits crimes”, because you seem to feel it would be reasonable for people to commit* that *particular crime. So, if it isn’t a person’s actions that makes them a criminal, what is it? Why is it that some people who own guns illegally are “criminals” and others “responsible legal owners”? I’m finding it hard to imagine a plausible answer that doesn’t, in your oh so snowflakey phrase, “reach for a racial narrative”.

Set aside for the moment the legality of owning a gun in the first place, and ask if someone has ever used a gun as a tool in the furtherance of a crime: murder; attempted murder; assault and battery; armed robbery; terroristic threats; vandalism; poaching. These do somehow seem morally and ethically different from a mere scofflaw, unless one is so hoplophobic as to define the mere possession of a firearm as “depraved indifference” to the well-being of others. “No excuses, The Law is The Law” as an excuse for demanding unquestioning compliance to the dictates of government has long been recognized as a morally bankrupt stance.

OK, maybe the righties do have more guns, but the left knows how to build bombs that work.

I guess you’ve forgotten all the people slaughtered by Antifa and Hillary during the Bowling Green massacre :smiley:

Forget it. Don’t hold your breath. That asshole won’t be coming back with any REAL evidence or cites.