Will this oup with avocados in it keep? (Hockey Monkey, this is your fault.)

I intend to try this recipe posted in a soup recipe thread:

I intend to cook as directed, but I’m also going to make some slight modifications by throwing in some veggies and some shredded chicken (let it simmer a while) to make it more filling.

My plan is to make a big ol’ pot of this and save the left overs for my lunches next week.

Do you guys think this recipe will keep? I know it doesn’t take long for avocados to turn brown.


the lime juice should stop the avocado browning, but I don’t know if it will stay nice for long.

The avocadoes are cut up and cooked and pureed in the soup, right? Then they’ll have done all the turning they’re going to do by the time you’ve ladled your first bowl of soup.

Yes, it will keep in the fridge for a few days. I’d add the lime juice to each bowl before I eat it, though, for a fresher flavor, rather than into the whole pot.

It keeps for a few days just fine. It also freezes well. Hope you like it! It’s one of my favorite soups, plus it’s extremely nutritious.

It looks very very yummy. I will be stealing the recipe in the near future. :slight_smile: