Will Tiger catch Lord Byron?

Tiger’s playing some great golf right now. He’s won his 4 last PGA starts, and some say his last 6 events. Gotta figure he’s the fave to win this weekend at Bay Hill.

So what say you? Think he’s going to match Nelson’s string of 11 in a row? For that matter, where does Tiger stand now, and how many of Byron’s string should really count?

I seriously doubt it for all the obvious reasons. Byron Nelson won 11 in a row because his best competition was out of the country, Tiger’s closest closest competitors are going to be in every field he plays in. Tiger only plays in the top tournaments, the ones that attract the top fields.

I’d consider Tiger’s current streak to be at five - throw out the Target World Challenge but keep Dubai. You have to count all of Nelson’s wins as legit - that was what the PGA tour was in 1945. Every golf fan knows that there is an invisible asterix next to Nelson’s record. I disagree with the author of the article that Nelson’s streak is “golf’s most hallowed record.” I doubt most people even know about it and I don’t think any PGA player even thinks about beating it any more. Maybe one will sometime around the middle of June.

If someone’s going to do it, it’s Tiger. That’s for damned sure. Do I think he’ll do it? No. The odds are against him (I’d think).

Just…don’t quote this when he loses for the first time around next May.

I think it would take a lot of luck for him to get there…something like the freak timeout call that caused the Baltimore Ravens to lose to the Patriots last season, thereby extending the Pats’ streak. Tiger would have to back into a tourney victory or two to get to 11.

I do think he’ll pull off the single-season grand slam at some point though, not that we’re discussing that here.

The TPC has always been a bear to Tiger. (OK, sue me…but it was the only pun I could think of on short notice) I expect he might win Bay Hill, but if I were a betting man, I’d take the field at Sawgrass.

Aw hell, I’ll take the field this week. Someone’s gonna get hot.

Currently reading The Match by Mark Frost (author of The Greatest Game Ever Played - FANTASTIC book, and not too shabby film, but I digress…). This book is about a '56 money match between 2 pros Nelson/Hogan, and 2 amateurs Venturi/Ward. Interesting portrayal of the tour in mid-century. In a chapter discussing Nelson’s playing career, it refers to his 11-game streak in terms as “one of the only records in any sport that one can to this day comfortably assert will never be broken.” I tend to agree, but as someone said, if anyone could break it, Tiger would be the man.

He doesn’t play a lot. He picks his tourneys plus the majors ,so he has a slim chance.

Yeah, but he only picks the tough ones. He doesn’t play in weak-field tournaments like the John Deere and the 84 lumber classic.

Right, he’s playing in the concurrent, more prestigious tournament.

Man, you ain’t lion. Oh, my.

Didn’t I tell ya?

This is gonna be Boom-Boom’s week!

I’m sorry…is this post from 1996?

I told you, this week it’s all about the Big Fijian.
NO WAY Tiger’s gonna make up 7 strokes in 39 holes!

You know how this ends. I’ve already read this book, sir.

He prepares . He takes the time to go over the courses and even replaces clubs in his bag to suit. I do not think the money of the Deere Classic can lure him out. He plans well ahead.

You can quibble about the Miami Four-Ball not being entirely his own work.

I doubt Tiger can do it, against much stronger opposition, but so what? There’s no longer a serious argument about him being greater than Nelson or any other golfer in history, excepting only Nicklaus maybe. The records he puts up now, including this one, are just things to admire about his greatness, not definers of it.

Well as of now, the BF is +4 for the day through 7 and Tiger is -3 through 15 and they’re tied.

Mickelson looks like he lost his belly. He is at plus 1.

Carl Pettersson maybe?

Nick Watney knows how to shoot par - two eagles, two birdies, two bogeys and a snowman (quad).