Will tolerance towards gays reduce their numbers in the long term?

You mention that the “prenatal wash” plays an important factor and that this is partly determined by birth order and/or gender of prior births. However, what other factors determine the composition of the prenatal wash? Could it be the genes of the mother?

Also, how does the prenatal wash theory explain the quote I mentioned above, namely:

Maybe the prenatal wash in this family resulted in a higher percent of gays, but why?

If we don’t know all the causes of differences in the prenatal wash, we have just pushed the problem of why someone is born gay to why the prenatal wash was such that it resulted in a gay person. This is a little bit of progress, but more needs to be known to dismiss genetic influence on the composition of the prenatal wash.


I just thought that it would be quite ironic if the acceptance of gays (something they have fought hard for) would ultimately lead to their demise.

No, it was a sincere commendation - I was merely wondering whether you had read it somewhere else.

Yes, that’s where I was going. I chose my words very carefully, because I don’t wish to offend anyone. I do think the answer is physiological, because the percentage of gays within the population remains fairly constant. The question I was asking is whether hormones or brain enzymes or other such factors impact behavior. Again, the following is based on personal observation…no offense is intended to anyone.

I am very much what many would consider to be a stereotypical male. I hate to shop. As long as my environment is functional, I don’t care what color the chairs are. This would seem to indicate my lack of interest in classic nesting behavior. Now…classic nesting behavior is associated with most women and the stereotypical gay male. Are the same behavioral imperatives that drives those individuals to behave in an opposite manner to myself the result of brain chemistry or conditioning?

The question can be broken down thusly to it’s most basic form. If an attractive man and woman walk by me, what is it within me that drives me to look at her behind instead of his?