Will Trump see prison?

Whether from Mr. Muller’s investigations, other federal charges post 2020, or from state indictments and presumed convictions.- Will he serve time? He escaped prosecution for Trump University’s shinnagans and who knows what else, but his performance in office has aroused the ire of most decent observers. Assuming they can prove felonious activities before or during his presidency, will our divided political landscape allow his punishment?

No. Not now, not ever.

(I hate Trump FTR)_

I think he will, but not until he is out of office (pleasepleaseplease let this be in 2021) and probably due to state charges, not federal.

The state of New York is the most likely plaintiff to successfully see T-Bag do any time but it would have to be a slam-dunk before they even prosecuted a case.

No. Presidents don’t go to jail. And I predict that once he is out of office and can do no more harm, the desire to keep after him will fade away. The left will move on to the current Republican who presents a threat.

I remember the burning hatred people had for George W. Bush - until about the day he was out of power. Then he was forgotten quite quickly.

I’m going to go for a maybe. I think he’s engaged in activities that have crossed the line into criminal, and that if he were a normal citizen he would go to prison. I think it more likely than not that there will be charges waiting for him on the other side, when he’s no longer President.

While there certainly was hatred for G. W. Bush, few thought he was a criminal Trump is disgusting st a level never seen before. I don’t think he’ll go to prison, but I sure would enjoy that, even if it’s only for 30 days
I disagree that the left will move on to someone else. Speaking only for myself, I’m committed to giving rational Republicans (if any remain) more respect as a result of the the current unpleasantness.

GWB was not despised in his home state. Trump is. He also did not commit crimes in his state. Trump has.

There were numerous people who wanted him impeached, but that became a moot point after he left office. I agree that Bush was nowhere near Trump’s league when it comes to sheer shady sleazebucketry in his capacity as a private citizen.

We Bush-haters thought he was a terrible President, and we were right, but what we wanted was for him to stop being President, which eventually happened. (Also, the richly deserved humiliation of his administration’s greed and folly by the economic disaster of 2008 went some way toward setting the public record straight on his vastly overvalued Presidency.)

Prosecuting Trump wouldn’t be a partisan issue undertaken by Democrats, it would be about upholding the rule of law, and be undertaken by the Department of Justice.

I have no particular hatred of GW Bush but there’s a pretty good case to make that he’s guilty of crimes against humanity. Torture is in there with chemical warfare and genocide as vehemently prohibited practices. So far as global law is concerned, if there’s evidence that Bush was aware of and sanctioned the use of torture, he should be looking at the same outcome as Göring. Obviously, he isn’t and almost certainly won’t, but if the evidence is there then that should be the end result.

From that standpoint, Trump is far less worse than Bush was. Not to say that he won’t get there (or hasn’t already), but currently he is most (likely) guilty of financial crimes in his previous life and of ordering his people to break the law by jailing people unjustly for entering the country to apply for asylum in full cooperation with the law. I am unaware of any evidence that he has committed greater crimes than Bush.

Objectively speaking to date, Bush was worse than Trump and did indeed commit war crimes.

Worse in my opinion, because there would never have been a Trump without Bush. The economic quagmire/unfinished wars Bush left for Obama to clean up – a global economic crisis, no less – created the underlying environment for the anger that gave rise to the Tea Party movement, funded and inflamed by American oligarchs (chiefly Kochs). Despite Obama’s hard work to bring us back from the brink, he couldn’t do it fast enough to counter the incessant barking Republican narratives. They tarred and feathered Obama at every instance. They even managed to convince a lot of their followers that Obama created the economic crash. So I lay Trump at Bush’s feet, too.

But as despicable as Bush was, he at least somewhat colored within the lines and had the support of his party. Trump doesn’t.

The Republicans pretend to be scared of Trump because of Trump’s power over his base, but the truth is, they love him only inasmuch as he’s a puppet for them. For Putin, too, but they feel sure they can control that. Meanwhile, Trump gives them cover and creates distractions while they remake the federal judiciary into a conservative iteration. It’s been their wet dream for 30 years. They are not letting go of it now until/unless they are absolutely forced to abandon Trump.

Once he’s outlived his usefulness, they will do nothing to protect him from criminal charges – from wherever those arise.

I can despise both Bush and Trump equally. Who is worse? The one who slaughtered and displaced millions of innocents? Or the one who took apart our entire system of government, displaced our leadership role in the world and left us vulnerable to attack on all sides, both foreign and domestic?

If Nixon didn’t see prison, Trump certainly won’t.

I highly doubt it - not unless there is something so cataclysmic that even a lot of his own base turns against him or refuses to stop his prosecution.

Nixon got a blanket pardon, and that cost Ford a whopping 20% approval overnight.

I don’t see anybody pardoning Trump - Democrats have no reason whatsoever to do it ; while an R president won’t touch Trump with a ten foot pole as soon as he’s out of the picture for fear of getting stuck with the orange baby. Much like GWB, as soon as he’s out the door he won’t ever be mentioned again by his “supporters”. They’ll pretend Trump didn’t happen.
I further think Ds trying to go after Trump post-presidency will be slapped around by Republicans and portrayed as sore losers (or sore winners) and whatnot ; but I reckon it’d be worth it anyway. Let justice prevail though the Heavens fall. Pour encourager les autres and show you can’t get away with it - any of the colossal mountains of “it” in brazenly open display.

Because if you can, you will, why wouldn’t you ?

Can you see Trump pardoning himself?

Digraced former president Trump can’t pardon himself for state crimes. I don’t think he’ll see prison though, lots of convictions and appeals, if it looks bad for him he’ll flee to Russia, Saudi Arabia, or North Korea.

He should. He won’t.

The notion that Democrats hate Donald because of his party or that we’ll move on to hate the next Republican as soon as he is gone is completely detached from reality. I hated W but not for one instant did I ever think him to be a criminal. He made boneheaded decisions- getting into Iraq and his disastrous tax cuts- that I think damaged the US and continues to do so. But he didn’t do so out of malice, he simply made the wrong decisions.

Contrast W to Donald: DJT is first and foremost a complete monster. He’s a proven racist, a confessed sexual predator, a serial liar, and someone with no respect for the law. He is a criminal. Criminals belong in jail. To think I hate him because of the ® next to his name is completely wrong and insulting.