Will TVs get any bigger?

Do you really want a TV the size of your wall, or bigger??? My roommate has a $10,000 Sharp LCD 60" flatscreen which takes up maybe 1/4 of the wall in his room. I think it’s really cool at first, but shit… that’s a huge bitch! Give’s me a headache after a while.

You consider 60" big? How sad. We have a projector and the image is thrown onto a screen that measures 7.5 FEET diagonally, and have nothing but pity for those poor saps who measure their TVs in INCHES.

Who mentioned anything about projectors?.. Still, that was funny.

I’ve been able to watch many movies at about 60 feet by 80 feet! It’s never once given me a headache… in fact, I quite prefer it…

…with popcorn and a Cherry Coke.

I love to watch movies in the theater also, but would you go to the movies if you had to sit in the front row every time you went?

Gaffa, how much? What do you charge not to tell my husband that he can watch the Detroit Red Wings play not only in HD but in room size? You have the potentional to be evil, don’t you?

Love (?) Phil

I saw this 150 inch TV in a shopping centre media display but I’m sure it was branded Panasonic. It looked huge even in a mall I can’t imagine a room big enough to watch it.

don’t ask’s link is to the world’s biggest normal TV (i.e. plasma, LCD, or CRT).

If you want to cheat and count LED TVs, then the Toshiba 2651 takes the cake. If you’re wondering how it got the name “2651,” it comes from the fact that the damn thing is 2651 inches diagonal (four stories tall)!

For those with projection TVs, how do you like them? I don’t know anyone with one, but it always seemed to me like the picture would look all washed-out and faded compared to a regular HDTV (or even a CRT). How does it compare?

That’s what I’m talking about. This type of in-home TV can only become so large. If TV’s get too much larger they won’t fit in the door, the room, the house, or the backyard for that matter…

Thing is, what you don’t realize (maybe some of you do) is that it’s all the same based on your perspective. You can be watching a 20x20 inch TV from 30 inches away and have the same viewing perspective from a 20x20 yard TV from 30 yards away… only thing different is that a bigger image can offer viewing from a larger audience. What’s next, space?

A lot of people tried, and continue to try, to convince me that getting a projector TV was the best way to go, because it was cheaper and you could project to any scale you wanted.

My arguments that it gets washed out in daylight, needs a lot of wall space which I do not possess, and has a very noisy fan, were dismissed as petty. And yet, all my friends who subsequently got a projector are suffering from all those very same problems.

I like my SD Plasma. I have no desire to upgrade. I will probably never get a projector.

neutron star
My cousin has a projector, which mainly gets used for watching DVD-s and playing console-games. He has a regular tube-TV for regular TV-watching, as it just doesn’t look as good on the projector.

We did watch the WC and EC on the projector, though, even if the quality was a bit lacking.

I am occasionally temped by projectors but your list of reasons is pretty much why I don’t . Also there is the matter of $50-$100 bulb replacements every couple of years.

I have a 57" rear projection TV. I really like it. There is absolutely no fan sound. It does somwhat wash out in direct sunlight, but doesn’t everything?

The major flaw is that the picture degrades if you are watching from the side, you need to be pretty dead center for a good image. But then it is great.

Or are you asking about a front project mounter in a console or the ceiling?

The latter.

We have a ceiling-mounted projector.
It does require a darkened room for best image quality, but the projector is silent, and the image quality blows away any direct-view TV I’ve seen.

This has hijacked to hell and gone, but for what it’s worth I love my 50" plasma.

Eventually all the walls and ceiling of a room will be covered with a special wallpaper that can display video, so you can watch programs “in the round”. But you will also be able to control the display size, so individual programs can be seen on a smaller scale.

Please let me know where you can get projector bulbs for $50-$100. The ones for my projector are in the $300-$400 range, shopping around for the best price on the internet.

That being said, we love our projector. We have a 6’ x 8’ screen (120 inches diagonally) and the picture quality is great.

This link might help some of you trying to debate which will better suit your needs and answer some questions that may have not arisen yet.

LCD TVs vs. Plasma TVs vs. Projectors

OLED technology is pretty fascinating. Imagine getting your huge TV rolled into a tube for easy delivery or a buying a T-shirt with a TV on the front (I know those are far out potential applications, but it’s still an interesting new technology).

I’ve seen the Sony OLED XEL-1 up close and it’s amazing. A gorgeous picture from any angle and only 3mm thick.