Will we ever see some "Classic" TOS Toasters in BSG?

In the miniseries, when presented with the info that Six is a Cylon, he remarks…

“The last time anyone saw a Cylon they looked like walking chrome toasters”

Six responds;
“Those models are still around, they have their uses”

here’s the question, is Six referring to the H.R.Giger-esque Centurions in the current series as the “old models”, or are there actually TOS model Toasters still around (lets hope they sprang for the ToasterCare extended warranty…)

what are the chances of encountering TOS era Toasters in BSG now?

Possible, if by some chance we ever get to see the Cylon Homeworld. The TOS Toasters are probably slaving down in the tylium mines or something. But I’d pay a tidy sum just to hear “By your command” again in that voice.

You did, of course, see the “Cylon Centurion” in the glass case in the museum in the miniseries, right?

Not exactly what you’re looking for, but we did see one.


The diplomat who gets wasted at the start of the mini-series sees one on the papers he holds regarding the Cylons.

of course i saw it, that and the documentation the Colonial rep was reading on the Armistice Station

i meant will we see any functional TOS Toasters…

seeing how TPTB are frakking with the show and turning it into a Soap Opera in Space, i doubt we’ll ever hear the monotone drone of By Your Command

(no, Boomer’s “BYC” doesn’t count, yes it’s more pleasing, but it just doesn’t sound right unless delivered in a flat, electronic monotone)

Really? Have you watched the original series lately? I re-watched them this year and I can’t believe how not-menacing they are. How could my childhood memories have been so wrong?

I don’t think we’ll see them at all. Our CGI toasters are here to stay. Perhaps they’ll show us other models that more closley resemble the originals, but they’ll be silent & CGI. So that means no sparkle-headed Lucifers either.

Hmm, didn’t the Cylon war start when robotic Cylons were sick of being enslaved? I see a future plot point!

The problem with this idea is that the original Cylons were men in robot suits. They looked like men in robot suits; you could even see their black pants wrinkle and blouse as they walked. The stormtroopers on Star Wars, which weren’t supposed to be robots, still looked more like robots than the original Cylons did.

Any “callback” they did on the current series wouldn’t be faithful unless they were guys in robot suits instead of CGI, and if they weren’t CGI, they’d just look ridiculous.