Will you be part of the voluntary blackout?

One of the few email spam that hasn’t gotten the thumbs down from snopes:


Will you be participating in it? Do you know people who will? Do you think it has even a small chance of doing something positive? Do you consider it spam?

I won’t be spamming my friends left and right for it, but I I’ll do it, if only as a small gesture. Althought it would be so much better if we all tried to make everyday a partial blackout day ;-).

If I turn off my lights, then several things will happen to me.

  1. I won’t be able to distinguish my Kentucky Fried Rat from the drumsticks in the box.
  2. I can’t address the envelope containing my business card that I need to send to that poor poor poor POOR boy in England who is STILL dying of a wasting disease SO rare that nobody knows what it’s called, nobody can treat it, except by burying the poor git in small cards of stiff paper.
  3. I won’t be able to send a patch to my poor infirmed mother so her computer won’t keep paying the electric bills of all of Cleveland, Ohio.

And, many other very important and real tasks. :rolleyes:

Seriously? I wouldn’t do it because that date is very important to me, and believe it or not it’s ONLY important to me between 7pm and 9pm EST. So, sorry bucko. God HELP the bastard who turns off the lights at LaGuardia College in the middle of my EMT State Exam. God HELP 'em.


I’d only do it if I had a really hot chick to make out with. So, no, I won’t be participating.

I will, however, bet that this thread gets bumped into IMHO. :slight_smile:

The President’s energy policy regarding conservations is: by all means, conserve! And, conservation alone will not cut it for addressing our economy’s energy needs, so we need to develop energy resources.

Participating in the voluntary blackout will certainly be an exercise in conservation, but I doubt it will have any impact on the energy policy dialog. At least its generators don’t make the same naive estimations about the energy market that the pushers of the (two, I believe) idiotic gas-outs did.

I suppose that if a lot of people participated it might have a very, very, very small effect. No, I won’t participate. Yes, I consider any e-mail from either someone I don’t know, or crap forwarded from people I do know, SPAM.

This is the most idiodic “protest” I have ever seen. Basically it advocates what people should already be doing ! Conserving energy.

If you want to participate in a real protest, how about everyone in the Washington DC are turn on ALL their lights and electrical appliances and see how George W. like it when it the power fails !

Now you’re just being silly. Turning on 100% of everything electrical wouldn’t have any adverse effect. You see, they’re NOT California; they KNOW HOW to expand; and essentially they have enough power. And since when are the problems of California the President’s problem? You big-government liberals always blame problems on too little government when it’s the government (such as in the case of California) that caused the problems in the first place. Go back to Russia circa 1982 you commie.

If the rolling blackout conserves a little energy,
good for it.
Toward the end of the month the meter reader will record this and your bill will be 3 hours less than it was last month.

This must be some kind of record. Four separate questions in the OP, and all four belong in IMHO.

Jeez. California-bashing. Lotsa jealous landlocked states. Check this out:


Seems we use less energy per capita than any state other than Rhode Island. We had a target to reduce energy consumption by 10 percent over the summer - we outdid ourselves by reducing it to 11 percent last month and this was with a higher than average temperature (in the Central Valley we went over 100 degrees several days in May, an unusual occurence.)

I won’t participate in the blackout because I’m already doing what should be done. I sweat, I do my laundry at midnight, I spend the hottest part of the day at an outdoor cafe that always has a breeze, I had my long-haired cat cropped to a short-hair.

Bush will never forgive California for our Gore vote and our two female Democratic senators. As has often been stated, if we were a separate nation we would be the eighth richest country in the world. No matter where you are in the US, you benefit from the California economy.

My entire power bill last month was $33.62. What we do love out here is a challenge - it’s what makes us who we are. We tofu-loving tree-huggers make it all work somehow. If I can get my power bill below thirty dollars this month I’ll have done more to profit my great state than any protest can accomplish.

Who’s California-bashing? And which states are jealous?

That’s good that you use less energy per capita, but what’s that got to do with anything? California still dug itself into a hole, and it’s still California’s own problem to dig themselves back out. Is there any crime in using more energy per capita?

What is that that “should be done”? You’re a consumer who pays your electric bills on time (I’m assuming), and you pay for what you use. That’s fair. Why should you have to regress 50 odd years? Granted, I do my laundry at midnight too, but that’s merely happenstance. Instead of sacrificing, you should be demanding that your state do something about it rather than knocking the federal government. Or, pay market rates for imported electricity.

No; it’s not about revenge. It’s about federalism. The federal government’s doing exactly what a federal government should do by virtue of being a federal government. How can you prove other states benefit from the California economy? How would those benefits be different if California were it’s own economy? I think in the big picture, the rest of the USA is more important to California than California is to the USA (keep in mind, I am from California, and I know it’s important, but you can’t use silly scare tactics that don’t mean anything. If I have to pay more for California products as a result of energy price increases, that’s okay; that’s the open market. If I have to pay more taxes to stabilize a problem that California caused for itself, that’s wasteful. Private industry will almost always be more mindful when spending dollars. So go ahead, increase your prices.

How’s that? Every little bit does not matter. However, taken collectively, you have a good point.