Will you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

This is a pretty cool interactive movie I stumbled upon:


During the course of the movie, you choose different paths to see if you survive. It’s a fun way to spend half an hour, but it’s definitely not safe for dial-up.

I found it counter intuitive. Any Zombie film lover worth his salt wouldn’t make choices that keeps you playing.
Normally, there are extreme actions that are a little risky to help you survive but here you get punished in ways that make no sense. (IE locking yourself in a house surrounded by Zombies in the movies is a death sentence, here if you try to leave you get killed.)

They are rewarding you for behaving like the dolts in other horror movies. I swear someone should try to right a decent horror script that doesn’t require the protagonists to be total idiots for the plot to proceed.

That’s because locking yourself in a house makes for a boring movie, even if it might be a more reliable way to survive in reality.

Agreed, this interactive movie, while fun, is tactically flawed, here’s my decision tree for the “Good” ending;

Save Him, Gather Wood, Go Downstairs, Leave Her, Run for the Street
In all cases, leaving with Seth in the car results in death due to his incompetent driving

all my reactions were counterintuitive in the movie, but would have been correct in a real Zompocalypse

given the events in the movie, my responses would be to;

Screen for bites on my housemates, especially the guy on the couch
split up the group, one group barricades the entry points, another does a Sweep-and-Clear for threats, clear up any zombies trapped in the house
once house is clear, police up food, bring upstairs, then retreat upstairs and destroy staircase
use top of stairs for sniping position, set up sentry points in upstairs windows
wait out the outbreak

A house is fine for regrouping, but it’s not an optimal long term solution, especially in a crowded urban environment where utilities, especially water, might fail. You’ve just gotta get outta Dodge at some point.

I think Autumn, by David Moody treated this pretty well.

I think some of the choices the movie makes force your hand though. Like the guy at the window going outside, and then you standing in a open doorway like an idiot instead of slamming it shut behind him.

It may be more reliable in the short-term, but sooner or later, you’re going to run out of food and water. Even if you still had running water, would you trust it? Eventually, you’re going to have to go out to resupply.

Sure, but depending on the size of the outbreak and what kind of organised response there is, looking for food and water may not be an issue before the zombies are no longer a threat. At the very least, you want to make sure that you have a zombie-resistant exit strategy if you run into trouble while looking for supplies.

Hmm, not working for me, I get; "The website you are trying to view is currently experiencing difficulties, please try again later. "

Zombie attack?

Anyways, I have a ZDP. For both fast-zombies and the common or garden variety.

You know, I’m not sure if I’d be able to survive on my own during a zombie apocalypse… but I’d definitely kick ass at helping the rebuilding process afterwards. Ayup.

All I get is ascreen that says “The Outbreak: What would you do?” with shadowy zombies in the background. :confused: There’s nothing for me to click and I won’t let me scroll down.

I got that using Firefox 3; was only able to start when I maximised the window and clicked the top of the blue ‘start’ (presumably) box.

I felt like a total rat-bastard leaving the girl there. I know she’d slow you down, but karmic death can’t be far away for this fella. Also I’d have blown away that infected chump every time.