Will Zika spread worldwide due to Rio Olympics?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I saw some older Zika threads postulating that the Olympics may get moved, but didn’t see one asking:

As Rio becomes a melting pot for nearly all parts of the globe for several weeks, are we guaranteeing a Zika plague to spread worldwide at a much faster rate as the games wrap up and everyone returns home?

  1. Not all countries, athletes, and attendees have the faculties, facilities, medical treatment, or education to self-quarantine until the incubation period is over

  2. I suspect in the celebration, many pregnancies will likely occur.

  3. I cannot gauge how responsive Rio is to the standing water, mosquito abatement etc. I see the press releases etc, but how much of that is lip service?

  4. Vaccines are still in Phase 1 trials, no guarantee they will work.

I love the Olympics. But I cannot imagine the possibility of a self-inflicted plague (I use the term loosely for effect)


We have an advantage in that we’re running the Summer Olympics in the winter … that should minimize mosquito-borne infections. However, Olympics tend to be fuck-fests, so Zika’s STD nature is the real problem here.

Sure, the Olympics will spread the disease quicker, but it’s on the way regardless … how strong is your own community’s mosquito abatement program? Here it’s non-existent … oh boy !!!

If you look at the total number of travelers in and out of Brazil every year, the Olympics doesn’t add a whole lot more (less than 10%, IIRC). Given that the Olympics will be in their winter (Winter is coming!), I think the fear of some world-wide plague is exaggerated. If it’s going to happen, it doesn’t need the Olympics to happen.