Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard have the bestselling country album this week 6/13/2015

I bet you didn’t expect that headline. :smiley: Wonderful to see these two country legends making great music and reminding today’s stars how real country music is really sung.

One day, real country music will be back. They’ll dust off the pedal steel guitars, fiddles, and dobros. I can’t hardly wait. :wink: There’s nothing better than blues influenced traditional country.

This is the first country album I’ve bought in a long time.

Wikipedia has some reviews at their album listing. I’m really enjoying the album.

I was a little surprised to learn that Haggard never had a top 10 album.

Haggard had quite a few #1 albums.

But its been a long time ago. 1984 * It’s All in the Game* That album hit #1 thirty years ago.

Willie Nelson had a number 1 album (July 5, 2014) Band of Brothers. That makes two years in a row and he’s over eighty years old. Amazing talent.