Willy Wonka disappointment has me thinking...

Marilyn Manson will NOT be playing Willy Wonka in the remake of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” my morning paper tells me.

I’m so disappointed. I love really bad remake casting. I’ll just have to watch my video of Lost Horizons (the musical) again.

Or I could fantasise about other possible “bright ideas”.

Like the remake of Brief Encounter with Sean Penn and Juliet Lewis.

or Mary Tyler Moore as Velvet’s mother in National Velvet.

Rules: Golden Age Movies with plausible contemporary (ie curently alive but not necessarily hot)stars

Anyone else want to play?

Dr. Strangelove with Jim Carrey in a triple role.

Casablanca: with Jack Nicholson and Madonna. Guest starring “Puffy” Combs as Sam.

Wizard of Oz: with the Pepsi Girl :eek:

Gone With the Wind: with Nick Nolti and Joan Cusack

Streetcar Named Desire: with Pee Wee Herman and Jennifer Tilly

Double Indemnity: With William Hurt and Kathleen Turner :stuck_out_tongue:

Treasure of the Sierra Madre: With Kevin Cosner, Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Shwarzeneger.

MM? That freak being Willy? I won’t go there. :stuck_out_tongue:

How about a PSYCHO remake? With Vince Vaughn, and- Oh. They’ve done that already.
Then how about Psycho with…Pauly Shore and Katie Holmes. Always wanted to see her die. Or if not Pauly, Dana Carvey. (Don’t ask.)

and John Candy in the Sydney Greenstreet role?

and Pee Wee Herman as Peter Lorre?

I got one redo The Grapes of Wraith with the cast of In Living Color that would be one to see let me tell you

Redo The Running Man with Drew Carey as the star.

Do The Jack Johnson Story with Gary Coleman.

They should redo Aladdin with Shaquille O’Neal as the genie. :smiley:

How about taking almost any John Wayne movie and replacing him with Jake Lloyd?

The Good the Bad and the Ugly…

Will Smith
Woody Allen
Bill Clinton

The Exorcist with:


[li]The Pepsi Girl :eek: as Reagan(sp?)[/li][li]Calista Flockhart as Chris (Reagan(sp?)'s Mom)[/li][li]John Malkovich as Father Karros[/li][li]Harrison Ford as Father Whats-His-Name, the old priest who helps out[/li][li]Drew Carey as the cop who investigates Berg’s murder[/li][li]Woody Allen as Berg[/li]

Also, any movie ever made, with Jessica Alba as the female lead :D.


Wilder’s “Some Like It Hot” With Ricki Lake, Ru Paul, and Dennis Rodman

Sparticus - starring William Shatner and “Wierd” Al Yankovic


Or the remake of Brief Encounter, with Penn Jillette and Daniel-Day Lewis.