Wilson Phillips - welcome back to my play list ;)

Saw Chynna Phillips on Dancing with the Stars. It got me nostalgic for the original Wilson Phillips album.

Today, I washed off the grime from my old copy of *Wilson Phillips *and transferred it to my mp3 player. It’s been ten years since I listened to that cd. I carried it in my car throughout the 1990’s.

I’m still looking around for my old cd of Shadows and Light. I think it had the kids gum on it. :smiley: I’ll clean it up and put on my mp3 player too.

Hard to believe almost twenty years have passed since those cd’s came out. The music has held up pretty well. It’s a shame their breakup derailed them for so many years. They should have made a lot more great music.

What’s your favorite Wilson Phillips songs?

Mine - Impulsive, Hold On and Give it Up

As an album, I always enjoyed listening to all of Wilson Phillips. Shadows and Light had a few songs I usually skipped.