Wimba Diploma software

I have a teacher who made many, many quizzes using Diploma, but he lost the program when his computer was re-imaged. His files are safe, but they are in Diploma’s .ef format.
Apparently, Diploma is no longer available. I’ve searched online and keep ending up at Blackboard pages. On one message board someone said Blackboard could open Diploma files, but I can’t find the Blackboard software either–only an online collaborative Blackboard environment that can’t open .ef files.
I can open the files by changing them to .doc files, but all the formatting is distorted, rendering the quizzes unusable.

Does anyone know where we can find Wimba’s Diploma software? Back in the early to mid 2000’s it was bundled into various textbooks on a free CD. We’d be willing to pay for the CD. But a download is okay, too, as long as we can open the .ef files created by Diploma.

How about by contacting Wimba?

Wimba leads to Blackboard. Over the past four weeks, I’ve filled out their “Contact Us” page twice and I have received no reply. They don’t provide a phone number.

Wimba number from their website: (800) 424-9299

Thank you! I missed that number. I called it and was able to talk to someone that sent me the download link. Then it wanted an activation code, so I Googled that and found a number to call. The person on the other end of that line sent me an activation code, and now we can open the teachers quizzes.
Again, thank you!

Any chance you still have that link available? I’m not getting anywhere now with Blackboard

Unfortunately, cprattm hasn’t posted here since May of last year.