Wimbleton anchors on NBC

Until I saw Mary Carrillo, I thought Mc Enroe had a male anchor. Has she always had a deep voice? married? children? I would like to know more about her. Can you help?

D not T

Here is a brief biography of Mary Carillo (note that her last name has one “r”), which says:

Doesn’t say anything about the depth of her voice, however. I did notice this the other day, which makes me think that perhaps it’s lower than it used to be (since I don’t recall noticing it before).

BTW, MadSam, thanks for correcting the “Wimbleton” misspelling in your OP. It’s a pet peeve of mine that many US TV sports journalists pronounce it “Wimbleton”, even though I never see it spelled wrongly (except in your OP!). When I clicked on this thread, I thought you might be going to refer to the mispronunciation!

Would this be a good spot for me to say that Bud Collins is an idiot?

Bud Collins is magnificent compared to Brad Gilbert. Gilbert is the worst commentator ever. He makes the most unprofessional comments. Here’s an example of his commentating style

Pam Shriver: Of course, Roddick has an incredible serve–

Gilbert: (feigning disbelief) Really?

I just want to reach through my set and strangle his pompous neck.

I love Mary Carrillo, on the other hand. She has a great wit and I love to hear her comments. She’s opinionated but never abrasive.