Win 7 User Account Control keeps resetting itself to highest security, complaining at programs

This damn thing is making me nuts in Windows 7! Half the programs I try to use - not install, mind you, but just run - trigger these damn security prompts unless I set the User Account Control setting all the way down to minimum.

But then the setting keeps jumping back to maximum on its own!

How do I keep this blasted imp turned off???!?!!!

What do you mean jumping back, after a reboot?, immediately after closing window?, after an hour?

After a reboot and withinn 24 hours. Don’t know yet whether any more often than that.

Interesting name you go tthere, BTW.

try a program called xp antispy it’s a small tweaking program that can apply that tweak maybe it’ll stick if you use it

if that doesn’t work then try they have various other methods for disabling it

If you don’t have User Account Control set to its lowest level (which is not really a good idea), then yes, a lot of programs (older, non-microsoft ones mostly) will trigger an alert when you try to run them. That is what UAC is supposed to do. That is how it (tries to) stop your computer running malware without your permission. It is no big deal. If you know you have just started up a program, just click ok to let it “modify” your computer and run. It is just one extra click.

I do not know about UAC resetting itself, though. Are you sure that is what is happening. Frankly, I do not see why any actual malware would want to do that.

Tried two more cold starts and UAC reset itself to the highest setting each time. I don’t know if it resets itself other than when booting – not sure I have observed it.

I am developing such an automatic reflex to clicking it that I doubt I would notice it alerting at a time it shouldn’t. I think I’m likely to let malware go right ahead. I don’t want to have to think about the question with a fresh mind that many times a day; I should get a computer to do that job as it’s the sort of thing they’re supposed to be good at…

The Windows Seven Forums gave this solution from Microsoft, though it’s somewhat technical and involves registry editing. This is the original thread.