Win 7 vs brother printer

I cannot get the driver for my Brother MFC-255cw to load. I have found it on windows updates and also on the Brother website. I acts like it will work and then it does not. There is an icon for it in printers and drivers with with a little caution triangle associated. My default printer is microsoft XPS document writer, whatever that is.

Any Advice?

So do the print jobs get stuck, or is there some other error? Have you tried to do a firmware update yet (it appears to be available on 32-bit systems only)? Are you choosing the right driver (32-bit vs 64-bit)? Is thisthe page you’re trying to download from?

It often seems to help if you completely delete that printer from the system, and then reinstall it.

So unplug the printer from the system, and then delete it (and the driver) from your system software. Then restart Windows. And then reinstall the printer, load the driver, etc.

Somehow that seems to work better.