Win 98 - possible to resequence task bar items???

I’m using a PC, running Win 98 (perfectly adequate for all my needs). There is a grey task bar running along the bottom of the main desktop window. Each time I open an application, a corresponding panel opens on this task bar. If I open several applications, the panels on the task bar, reading from left to right, show the order in which I opened them.

Is there any way to re-sequence or re-order these task bar panels without closing and re-opening apps in the desired sequence? Can I change the order so that they are no longer necessarily in the order in which I opened the apps? I’m pretty sure it can’t be done, but I’d be delighted to be wrong.

Not through any natural means through the operating system. Whether there is some way to change it through a third-party app I’m not sure, but I suspect you can’t.

I hope Microsoft decides to do a little bit more with the taskbar one of these days. It has the potential to become a nice organizational tool if some time was put into it.

What you describe is possible in Windows XP; in 98, it is not (not by any means of the OS, anyway. There may be third party software that can do this).