Win iPad text message (scam?)

I’m seeking information about a text I got (surely a scam, I figure) that read “Your cellphone was chosen as our weekly i_Pad3 winner!” The SMS code was 3867. I don’t plan to visit that URL, or pursue this at all, unless I get convinced that it’s legitimate and doesn’t have objectionable conditions.

Anyone know who this might be, what the scam is, what problems might arise from pursuing it, or anything else of relevance?

Sounds to me like a scam, possible phishing attempt. Unless you signed up for a chance to win a free Ipad, I would not recommend responding to unsolicited prizes. Possible issue that could arise include identity theft or your information could be used against a family member.

My grandmother was scammed for $2500 by a Canadian scammer who somehow had all of my personally identifiable information.

You can try registering your # with the do not call registry at

Sounds like a scam to me as well, but the use of a “shortcode” number as opposed to a full phone number is a little surprising. I’d bet the shortcode has been spoofed.

You can report it as spam by forwarding the text to 7726 (“SPAM”). (An article about the new-ish spam reporting servise can be found here.) Your carrier will then respond by asking you what the number/shortcode of the spammer was. Might seem like a bit of a waste of time, but from what I understand, spam reporting is responsible for those damned Walmart/Best Buy gift card scam texts being knocked off of most carriers, and the texts are free in both directions.