Win7/Vista compatibility mode for XP software

Compatibility Mode lets Win7 run older software.

The Approach seems simple enough.

But, they don’t say when to set the mode.

Do you need to set Compatibility Mode for the apps installer exe?

After the app installs. Do I have to set Compatibility Mode for the installed software?

For example… I have Word Perfect Office 2000 it runs under XP.

To run it under Win7. Should I try installing it normally? Or set Compatibility Mode for the installer exe file? This software is on CD. It may not even install from the hard drive.

I’m worried about a crashed/aborted installation. That can leave all sorts of crap in the registry and useless broken files on the hard disk.

After it installs (fingers crossed that it installs).

A program like Word Perfect Office will have multiple exes. How do I know what to set Compatibility Mode on?

You set it after you install it. For word perfect it wouldn’t hurt to set it on all the exes. You can run probably run the installer in compatibility mode if it’s giving you trouble, but that isn’t necessary, and may not be possible if it’s an msi file or something.

thanks. I’ll gve a try.

I’m also going to try Microteks ScanWizard in compatibility mode. I have a Scanmaker 4. Very expensive, top of the line SCSI scanner when we bought it in 1998. It has the tray to scan slides. Microtek has not bothered to update drivers since XP on nearly all their older scanners. :frowning: Google found several people that recommend using their driver program (Scanwizard) in compatibility mode.

If the installer fails then use it during the installer phase. If the application fail then use it during runtime.

I find these modes to be more of crapshoot than anything else. If you have the proper version of 7 you can use ‘XP Mode.’

And XP Mode in 7 is a virtual machine running an actual copy of XP. Last week I had it running in my copy of 7, which was in a VMWare virtual machine under Mac OS X. :slight_smile:

XP Mode may be the best option for my old Microtek Scanner & Scanwizard. It’s not used much and doesn’t matter if it takes a few seconds to start up.

I’m sure glad I bought Win7 Professional. at least I have a chance to run XP Mode. Next, I need to find out if my Processor is VT compatible. Fingers crossed on that one.

I really appreciate the Win7 help. I’ll climb this learning curve yet. :wink:

Well, virtualization mode is probably out for my laptop. I still need to check my desktop pc that was built in 2006.

I ran Intels Processor ID utility. The report says I have virtualization technology. But, this list of processors says I don’t. I’'m not sure which is right. :confused:

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5500 @ 1.66GHz

Supporting Advanced Intel Processor Technologies
Intel(R) Virtualization Technology                                          Yes
Intel(R) Hyper-Threading Technology                                     No
Intel(R) 64 Architecture                                                          Yes
Other Intel Technologies Supported

Enhanced Intel SpeedStep(R) Technology      Yes
Intel(R) SSE                                                     Yes
Intel(R) SSE2                                                   Yes
Intel(R) SSE3                                                   Yes
Intel(R) SSE4                                                   No