Win98 setup: Command Interpreter??

I’m trying to install Win98 SE on an older system I built for my sister. I just finished the first stages of setup (File copy and all that), and it has rebooted. When it starts loading up Windows so I can complete the installation, it askes me to name the Command Interpreter.

Exactly what it says:

Type the name of the Command Interpreter (e.g., C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM)

I’ve tried several different things (Including reformating and starting over), but I have no idea what it’s asking for. I’ve never encountered this in the countless times I’ve installed Windows. Anybody know what to do?

this is generally a fatal error. You can try re-sysing the drive from a bootable 98 floppy or the win98 CD. If that does not work be prepaired to reinstall windows, maybe even format the system.

It says it can’t find COMMAND.COM

That file is suppposed to be there when you install a HD.

You can copy to a floppy & do a: sys C:

That transfers files. Still, its weird that this occurred, I think you are missing something,you aren’t telling us everything.

Are you using a boot disk to install 98? You may have a virus on your boot disk that causes file copying to mess up (thus messing up your file during installation). Try making a new boot disk from another win98 machine on a brand new disk. Boot that disk, then format the HD, and install 98 off the CD by running setup. This is assuming you have the full version of 98. Or you can boot off the CD (if the BIOS has an option), and do the same thing.

A virus sounds possible. What I’d do is:
First: Find a computer that you know is running the same version of Windows. (95, 95 SR2, 98, 98SE, ME, NT4, 2000)
Second: Take a disk. Start, run. Type in: ‘command’ and press enter. Stick the disk in drive A. Type ‘format a: /s’ and press enter. When asked if you are sure, type ‘y’ and press enter. When asked to label, press enter. When asked to make another disk, type ‘n’ and press enter.
When done, type ‘exit’ and press enter.
Get the Windows CD ready and stick it in the CD-Rom. A box may come up asking if you want to reinstall windows or other fun things. Close it by clicking on the X in the top right.
Hit start, settings, control panel. Double-click on add and remove programs. Chose the third tab on top, make system disk. Click where appropriate to make the system disk. Choose yes where appropriate.
Boot the bad computer with the system disk. Type: ‘fdisk /mbr’ and press enter.
This will NOT damage your computer, instead, it will simply rewrite the master boot record, returning it to Windows standard. If you are running Linux on this sytem, it will damage it… but I don’t think you are. This will remove a Boot Record virus. Next: ‘sys c:’ and press enter.
Now try rebooting without the floppy in the drive.
If you have an anti-virus program hanging around, boot from the floppy and run it.