Win98 Update files - Can I dl them all?

I want to download all the Windows Update files for Win98 that I can (given that MS is abandoning Win98 right away^M^M^M^M Real Soon Now, and I might want to re-install 98 sometime)

I’m working with a fresh install, and Windows Update shows about 50 patches. How do I save these to disk? Is there a temporary local directory I can snag them out of, or a way to download but not install them right away?

To answer your question, yes you can.

As for Microsoft abandoning Win98 right away, you must of been out of the room when this came down the wire last week:


Alright then, new question “How?” :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, I’d heard about the reprieve - didn’t know it was 'till 2006 though.

Well, I couldn’t find it last month, but this month I’ve come across this page, which lets you bundle patches for download, and this page where you can dl them singly. So… I guess my question is solved! (By me. Fairly fast too. Doh)

At least anyone wanting to know this in 2005 won’t have to wait for an answer then. :slight_smile:

Great question, was wondering about it myself, and will very much be using your links :slight_smile: Can somone tell me if support in this case means they will continue releasing patches, or if the ones released so far are all there will be? At which point can I compile my own fresh-install-patch CD?