Wind Chimes

“Red Rider BB-Gun with a compass in the stock and a thing that tells time.”

You’ll shoot your eye out! :b

Hides his drumsticks from view of the computer so as to not provoke conflict

I have six sets of chimes on my porch, right outside our bedroom window. They are soothing to me, and don’t usually drown out even the other wind noises, much less traffic, or the county road trucks and racecar shop, roaring across the way.
However, we do live in a house, not close to anyone. If I lived in an apartment, I’d have them inside, with a fan.
When I did live in an apartment, it never occurred to me to use them for irritation. Hmm.
(After a few nights of booming music from 3 sides,-after mentioning it to the tenants- I did deem it necessary to play country music at high volume, from 5:00 to 9:00 am, tho.)

We had wind chimes in the backyard when I was growing up, right outside my bedroom window. For the first year or so, they were kind of a pisser…

But after that I learned to sleep through a train wreck.

I’m with XjetgirlX on this one…barking dogs are a hell of a lot more annoying. I have a chihuahua, btw, and he knows that he isn’t allowed to bark unless he gets a special memo from Satan that hell has frozen over.

So far, no memo.

Have three sets on the front porch, tho we live in a house, not an apartment; somehow, back when I lived in an apartment, I never even knew wind chimes existed…they probably didn’t, as it was a long time ago. :wink:

Uh, no. This kid just wants to piss off any many people as possible, as if it would make him cool.

Perhaps he just wants to show off how much money he has. As anyone who lives next to a high school can tell you, this is best accomplished by putting $3,000 worth of stereo in a $1,200 Geo Metro.

Lest we neglect style, the Geo should also be equipped with the highest-quality, most shamelessly expensive aftermarket plastic hubcaps available.

Regarding the OP: not to be outdone by her mother’s gift of a cat clock that meows every hour last xmas, my SO bought her mother indoor wind chimes for xmas this year. The chimes are mounted on a stand above a hidden electric fan, which intermittently starts up and blows the windchimes around for a few seconds. Starts violently, stops abruptly - a less-natural sounding windchime could scarce be imagined.

I shudder to think what we’ll get next year in retaliation. Christmas: it’s not just a holiday, it’s a high-stakes game of bad-taste brinksmanship!

Wind has a sound? That’s interesting.

I dunno. Do you consider people breathing outside your door inconsiderate?

Are you questioning my analogy?
Wind chimes (when it’s windy) = incessant clanging.
Looping tape of hammering = incessant clanging.
Breathing outside my door = I probably wouldn’t hear it.

Are you just asking in order to gauge how sensitive I am to noise?
I wouldn’t be bothered by the noise of normal breathing. An incessant audible rasp might bother me, but it’s never come up.

Maybe you realise that maybe some people have difficulty getting to sleep. Maybe I should come over and … sorry that would be inappropriate. The point is some people intentionally go out of their way to make noise 24 hours a day and have no concept that there maybe other people 3 feet away who may not like it.

Everybody breathes, not everyone puts up wind chimes outside their apartment.

Wind chimes are justification for summary execution. No exceptions.

I hate wind chimes. They ought not to be allowed when people are living in close quarters.

(I have seen some ceramic chimes that produce an relatively inoffensive sound, but the standard metal chimes are only suitable for pounding up the nose of their owners with a mallet.)

Did anyone else think the rant was going to be about the percussion instrument?

Lousy freaking wind chimes. Always going off in the exact wrong place in the middle of a piece.

Yes!!! I’m not the only one who thinks that! My whole family thinks I’m crazy when I lobby for the removal of all windchimes our house…

It would drive me up the freakin’ wall.

See, I’m one of those people who needs relative quiet to go to sleep, unless the sounds in question are constant. Things like CSPAN, the History Channel on low volume, and slight snoring are liveable, as they are relatively predictable and can be easily adjusted to. Wind chimes, on the other hand, are activated by the wind, which is anything but consistent. Additionally, if they’re someone else’s, you can’t touch them or anything to take them down or smash them, which is incredibly frustrating. Not for use where neighbors/unwilling housemates can hear them. Definately not good around me. It’d keep me from being able to sleep.

Zwaldd. Here it is 2016, but I just had to let you know that I have your back on this one.

I once read a quote, which unfortunately I cannot trace to the originator: “Wind chimes are for people who are too stupid to know when the wind is blowing.”

Wind chimes are obnoxious. No one should have to listen to a neighbors’ chimes going ding ding ding ding ding ----- and ESPECIALLY not so, if the neighbors owning the chimes aren’t even home or don’t have to listen to these chimes in their own bedroom/living room/kitchen, etc., day in and day out.

My elderly Mother was housebound, yet her hearing was still up to par. I went next door and asked my neighbors to please take down their chimes, which were the kind that rang out if there was even a whisper of a breeze. The sound of those chimes was driving my Mom and my whole family nuts.

These neighbors are the kind who think anyone who is sensitive to the noise of others is a jerk. They took down their chimes (hallelujah!) and then installed some expensive heavy duty metal tubular ones in their back yard, so that whenever we had a real wind, those damn things clanged and clanged. I didn’t care. At least we got rid of the ding-ding-ding we were hearing nearly every single day and night.

It is only the truly inconsiderate and thoughtless and ignorant neighbors who insist on forcing others to listen to chimes. If you love that sound so much, then you should install the chimes in your bedroom and set them in front of a fan set on full, so that you can enjoy the ding-ding-ding all on your own.

I hate them. A lot. But I put up with some on the patio because wifey. Certainly no where near bedroom windows, though.

Growing up, we always had wind chimes…they’re a typical outdoor sound as far as I’m concerned. I don’t have any hanging up right now, but I do have a set in the garage in need of repair.

I also own a pair of earrings that were listed as “maple chime earrings” on the website – they’re made of little maple leaf-shaped pieces of metal strung along a delicate piece of chain. They actually chime instead of just clinking. :slight_smile:

Hate wind chimes. Hate them hate them hate them. What kind of reprobate thinks, Hey, I want to make constant noise that can be heard all over the neighborhood.

Same for the people on the subway who can’t use headphones! “Hey, everyone wants to hear my music!” Or people in cars with loud radios and the windows rolled down.

You think no one else on the planet has anything they want to listen to?

I just bought some. :smiley: :cool:

I’ve never liked them, but these are beautifully made and tuned to the key of G. This means they are not just dissonant clanging, but actually make music when they ring.