Wind Chimes


I like 'em…but they’ve got to be soft.

The kind that are so loud you simply can’t ignore them – that’s a rude intrusion on the neighbors.

(If they made an electronic indoors simulator, I’d buy it! I’d turn the volume way down, but I’d have it going.)

(A quick search turns up lots of apps! I’ve got one going right now and like it. But I was thinking of stand-alone hardware.)

I’m thinking that you could try something really passive-aggressive and spray a solution of salt and sugar on to the wind chimes that would attract squirrels and birds and God knows whatever else kind of vermin.

I would think that after 14 years those wind chimes have probably rotted away.

Not mine. Rebuilt all the wood bits and they’re gigantic! Sound like bells instead of chimes.

The Balinese believe they drive off Evil Spirits so…:smiley:

I know this is a zombie thread, and I personally like windchimes, but … that was pretty funny.

*Obligatory I-live-in-Indonesia remark: *The traditional Balinese “windchimes” are not chimes per se – they are bamboo, and make a soothing tok-tok noise. Aside from any spirits they might scare off, as a more practical matter they are employed to keep birds from eating rice kernels in the padi.

I am HOH and when I am outside I can hear my neighbor wind chimes and I can’t stand the sound . My hearing aid really pick it up, I would rather be hearing the winds or birds. I can turn my HA down and that helps . I have wind chimes but I have them inside just for looks . I got them for gifts. Some people hang them outside to keep animals away from the house.

Last summer there was some asshole with wind chimes about a block away. I couldn’t usually hear them, but when I settled on my front porch with one of my rare occasional cigars and a glass of rum, sure enough that would be the time that the wind was strong enough and in exactly the right direction to create a sort of faint dinging resonance that penetrated right into my brain. I had fantasies about going over to wherever the hell it was coming from either with a shotgun or with a pot of epoxy resin and a big brush. Fortunately some kind soul, possible someone closer to the hellworks, had already complained or glued or shot them down. There was no hint of them this entire summer, thankfully.

We have a beautiful set of wind chimes that my aunt gave us after my grandfather died. If you don’t like them, too bad.

I live two streets over from a church, which is across the street from a volunteer fire department, and a street just across from THAT is the railroad crossing. Trust me, between bells, fire alarms, and train whistles, the chimes are nothing. I could sleep through a war.

Once lived in a condo where the neighbor upstairs had several sets of wind chimes on her deck, which seemingly never stopped ringing. She tended to go on vacation for weeks at a time, so she didn’t have to hear it. Three times she came back and her wind chimes had all fallen to the ground below. She asked once if we’d had a big storm in her absence, and I said yes. We hadn’t, but I had become adept at using three broomsticks duct taped together. She finally stopped replacing them.

Maybe you’ve gone deaf from all the racket.

Given your username, YOU should have been the one with too many windchimes. :slight_smile: