Wind overturning cars?

This is kind of a “settle a bet” question.
My wife says some little modern cars can get turned over by strong winds, specifically here in the UK so aren’t I glad we bought the much more expensive large car?

I said it sounds very urban-legendy.
Buses or lorries due their higher centre of gravity maybe, but not cars. I can believe the wind causes accidents, I’ve felt the car get pushed around on the road plenty of times, but I don’t see it overturning one.

Does anyone know of any factual cases of a car “flipping” due to wind?
If we can’t find any I’ll try to get her to concede.

Yes. Many years ago an ex-colleague was testing a jet and overturned a small vehicle some distance behind him. His officer got a right bollocking.

I saw an episode of Mythbuster where they tried to flip an old Taxi with jet engine blast. The car got pushed sideways, but did not overturn. I’d say it’s bunk.

Cars in windy (very windy) conditons
You will note that this is just a bit more than your standard wind storm. Personally I think that with the exception of a tornado or hurricane, you have little to worry about.

The BBC is probably running a nature documentary even as we speak. Find one about hurricanes and watch the cars flip.

In a more recent episode, they were able to blow away a car, a bus, and a small plane with jet blast. They also flipped a car with jet wash in Top Gear.

ETA: Curse you, Rick!

Stationary cars, or moving ones? A car travelling at motorway speed and hit by a sudden crosswind could be overturned not by the wind itself, but by the driver losing control.

Ah, I’ve finally found the right Google incantation to show cars overturned by strong winds spawned by hurricanes and tornadoes:

Driving across Washington State once during windy conditions, I saw not one, but two, Volkswagen vans lying on their sides by the side of the road. :slight_smile:

Not quite the same as blowing over, but in 1989 a car wasblown off the Mackinac Bridge

That last story is a mixed bag. Killing someone forced to drive a Yugo could be considered a mercy killing.
Seriously, though, those things were tiny, and weird.

Unlike those funny furrin’ cars, The Ford Pinto (youtube) is highly resistant to wind. When America gets a better idea, Ford will build it.

Yeah, but don’t get get rear ended in one.