Windoes Media Player trouble - flashing screen

When I try to play WM movies, they commonly flash off and on. I don’t know why, and it does this even when the movie is not playing, but paused or somehting. ANyone know why? It flashes back and forth from a blanck, black screen to the normal picture.

Just a WAG, but do you happen to be using a really slow, old computer? It sounds like the data isn’t streaming fast enough. My guess is that either the hard drive or the video card can’t keep up.

I had this problem when I re-installed Windows XP. I got all the updates, including the spiffy new nVidia driver with the special control panel, so I THOUGHT I had the latest drivers but after installing what I found on the nVidia Web site (driver-wise) that fixed the problem.

Soooo…maybe try updating your video drivers?