Windows 2000 Server Monitoring

I’m on a roll today, might as well throw this one out there too. I need a good utility to monitor a Windows 2000 server here at work. We get lots of unexplained hold-ups when people use the machine, and its really hard to see exactly where resources are going. Anyone know a good (and inexpensive) monitoring tool for this purpose? Thanks!

You may want to try “Performance Monitor”. It is built in to Windows. Some counters that you may want to monitor are CPU Usage %, Disk I/O queues, and Pages per second.

This can tell you whether your bottleneck is in the Processor Speed, the amount of RAM, or the disk access.

There are many other counters to monitor if you want to dig deeper. It is a very powerful tool, I’m sure there are books and web sites to teach you how to utilize it for your purpose.

Best of all, it’s free and already installed.


Thanks MC$E, but its the performance monitor I’d like to replace. Its not too verbose when it comes to which thread is doing what, just a graphic representation of total utilization. Thanks for the help though!

I’m not sure what your definition of “inexpensive” is, but you could always check out MOM. I’ve never used it personally so I can’t vouch for it.

The Processes tab of the Windows 2000 Task Manager shows the percentage of CPU resources used by each thread. Is that what you’re looking for?

The stats you are thinking of are memory usage neutron star, I need something a little more verbose. I’m checking out the MOM page now, does anyone know the cost on this one? Thanks all!

Yes, it shows memory stats in the “Mem Usage” column. The column I’m referring to is the one marked “CPU.”

According to MS, a mere $349. Pocket change!