Windows 7/ Hotmail question - can't view pix

A couple days a week, I help out an old friend of mine who’s a retired engineer. (housework, painting, gardening, computer maintenance etc.)

He’s got a very nice, fairly new HP tower running Windows 7. Today he told me that, since Internet Explorer updated, he can’t see any images in emails at Hotmail at all. (no problem with Gmail.)

He says he used to have to go through a complicated procedure to view the picture in each individual email, but now even that doesn’t work.

Now, I know a lot about XP, but nothing about how Windows 7 works makes any sense to me. It seems like there must be a setting that will persist, that will make images appear in emails. In fact, I would think that would be on by default. Or, it might be a Hotmail setting; but again, you’d think it would be on.

He doesn’t do any tampering; so I can’t figure out where things might have gone wrong. At least not without an afternoon alone with the PC.

Can someone help me out?

It must be a hotmail setting, I strongly doubt that this has anything to do with browser or even Windows settings. When I open a new email in my hotmail account, the standard security setting is preventing the display of images and the working of embedded links, and the following message is displayed (I don’t know the exact phrasing in English, since I’m using the German version of hotmail): “Attachments, images and links are blocked in this message for your security”. Below that, you have the option to display either the contents of that particular email or of every email from the domain it was sent from. It’s possible that there’s a general security setting in hotmail to remove this prevention of displaying certain contents for all emails, but I’m not sure.

Don’t know if this helps, but I’ve had a similar problem ever since Microsoft ended Outlook Express (which worked fine with Hotmail for over a decade!) and forced me to switch to Windows Live Mail. Definitely a Hotmail issue because the problem followed me from work to home (IOW it happened on both my work & home PCs, both running XP and the same Hotmail account). My issue was if I created an email as a reply and included pictures, they would never reach the recipient (although they appeared on my screen when I made it). Even continued once I got a new home PC with Vista!

I even asked Microsoft tech about it and they could not repeat the problem. Eventually I just switched to full Outlook (with the Hotmail Connector add-on). Doesn’t happen with it.

there are settings in Hotmail to display images in the email or not.