Windows 7 question

I have 2 computers, Desktop and Laptop. Windows 7 on Desktop and Windows Vista on the Laptop. Question is can I run same Windows 7 on both computers? Windows Vista is ugly. Problem is that I don’t have enough money to buy another Windows 7. Both computers use the same wireless modem.

No, you need a seperate key for each copy of Windows 7 or it will eventually start giving you “this copy is not genuine” messages popping up.

Your best bet might actually be to upgrade the Vista system to Windows 8; depending on your location, it may be available as cheaply as $40.

You certainly CAN. However, you may want to check the Win 7 installation disk to see if your license ALLOWS you do it.

I have it on good authority his desktop is an OEM licence, so that would be a not allowed.

Yes, my 7 is an OEM version. I guess I will just have to stick with Vista on the laptop for the time being.

With a gold copy, you are allowed a desktop and a laptop installation. It’s in the license…but not for an OEM copy.