Windows 7 rocks. Why did Microsoft obsolete it?

By the sacred beard of Stallman, 2013 may be the year of the linux desktop!

But probably more to do with Steam and the humble bundle sales.

What the hell are you guys talking about? Can we get a screen cap so we know what you mean?

I have a friend with a SONY computer that has some sort of taskbar on the top of the screen that activates whenever you happen to (read: accidentally) move the mouse cursor toward the top of the screen. It is pre-installed software by the manufacturer. It sucks, it’s pointless and it’s annoying. My friend asked me if I could get rid of it since she knows that I sort of know my way around computers. I tried - I failed. My only suggestion was that she buy a new, clean, copy of Win7 that I linked to earlier and I offered to install it for her. She’s yet to get back to me on that. Whatever.

This was a program not installed by Microsoft. It was installed by a third party. In this case I assume it was installed by SONY, since the computer in question is a SONY branded machine. It’s an all-in-one VAIO machine IIRC.

If you really really don’t believe me I suppose I could get a screenshot off her computer but that can’t be done right now as I’m sure she’s having fun somewhere else on New Year’s Day early morning. Unlike me.

Stupid computers.

I found a screenshot it is not my friend’s computer, but it is the same “toolbar” as was factory installed on her’s. It’s not from some downloaded thing. It was factory installed.


Seriously? That’s the first I’ve heard that. That sucks. So open source things like Open Office won’t run unless they get Microsoft’s permission first? :mad:

I wonder what happens If I want to write and compile a utility for myself? It won’t run?

Smh, so Micro$oft is shooting it’s self in the foot with software certification on 8 and the Xbox 720 will be bogged down with DRM and registering game disks to individual consoles. I may jump ship to Linux, and Sony. Or not, I’ll most likely stick with XP/7, skip 8 until something better comes along and go with PS4, just like everyone else.

I guess I’m the only one in the world who actually likes windows 8. I like the fact that they have an app store. This is one of my favorite things about android, a centralized market where you can easily search and download apps.

I like the fact that the start menu takes up the whole screen. I like how easy it is to customize, how you can have nice big buttons for your apps and such. It’s really a vast improvement over the old start-menu idea of only using 1/8th of your screen. I mean, when you open the start menu, your entire focus is on the start menu. Why not have it fill the screen?

I like how you can just start typing in pretty much any app and start searching for things.

Frankly, Windows 8 is a vast improvement over 7 and you won’t find a bigger fan of 7 than me. I still have some computers running 7 and I’m not going to change them over to 8. But 8 is great, for a desktop, or for a tablet, and I really like it a lot.

Speak for yourself - I’m overjoyed that I can play virtually any new game on the market with my year-old, entry-level Dell. I dread the day when consoles start getting more powerful.

I don’t know all the details or if there’s even any fee involved, but yes, that’s the jist of it.

It’s basically a pissing contest between Notch (the creator of Minecraft) and Microsoft’s fascist policies. He’ll probably relent eventually, if only from fan pressure, but the guy’s already a multimillionaire and he never backed down from his beef with Paypal, which created big problems for Minecon 2012 when his choice of a third-rate Paypal clone couldn’t process payments for half the United States. :smack:

I wouldn’t mind Win 8 if they would give me my Start menu back. I had to google to find out how to restart my laptop. That’s just bad design.

Microsoft releases a new OS about every 2-5 years. It’s planned obsolescence, and usually introduces a series of marketing-driven UI enhancements, and occasionally some deeper technical improvements.

Generally speaking, Microsoft OSes alternate between atrocious/fair and good, with 95 and 98 not quite fitting into this pattern. Windows 8 should suck, based on this pattern, and early reports are that this is indeed the case.

I don’t know anything about Minecraft but if registration involves a fee or is at all onerous, this sounds like a strike against open source. Whatever happened to the antitrust suits against MS years ago?

I may end up going with Linux and maybe run a virtual Windows for must have things that won’t run on anything else.

Windows Vista is fine. For my next upgrade I will probably get a Chromebook.

no, he’s lying his ass off. If you want to sell an app through the Microsoft Store, you have to go through MS. If it’s just a plain desktop app, you don’t. Nothing’s stopping anyone from writing, running, or releasing desktop software.

Yup. Tablets are meant for consuming information, not creating it. The touch screen interface is just not suitable for data entry, writing code or especially any type of CAD/GIS work.

I can move my mouse just a few inches to cover the whole screen while comfortably resting my arm. Why anyone would prefer to lift their arm to poke at a screen is beyond me.

With regards to the registration/Microsoft store, both people who say you can and you can’t are kind of right. It is a failure of branding on Microsoft’s part and an intentional confusion at the same time as they want to leverage the “windows” brand name to sell essentially unrelated hardware.

On Windows 8 on x86 (Intel Processors, AMD processors, etc). You need Microsoft’s approval to sell in the Windows store, but you can install any application that you want, including Libre Office, Firefox, etc. Basically all existing software except stuff that interacts with hardware at a very low level works just fine if it worked in Windows 7. This is the normal version/what you would find on a desktop or laptop.

On Windows 8 on ARM (Windows RT - “Windows Surface” tablets and various other tablets that are not labelled “PRO”). You need Microsoft’s permission to sell in the Windows Store. However, desktop apps are not allowed and you cannot sideload Metro apps like you can in Android, so if you want to get any software on Windows RT you have to get it in through the Microsoft app store. Applications in the windows store have to be compiled separated for ARM vs x86, so while most apps will work for both versions some things in the app store don’t work on Windows RT or on Windows x86. No existing software will work with this version of windows at all.

Thanks to a roof leak destroying my old laptop, I ended up with a new Asus laptop with Windows 8.

The command line is still there. Bring up the start screen, and just start typing in “cmd” and you can click on its icon.

BTW, if you run the “winver” command, the version number is not 8, but 6.2. Anyone else notice that?

“Metrosexual” was funnier to me than it should have been.

I know I’m weird and neurotic, but the invisible “hot corners” thing BUGS me. I want to see a button, dammit, I just do. (And I know you can get a third-party button, but I want a first-party button, dammit, I just do.)

I’m so happy I bought my awesome new laptop right before Windows 8 came out.

Windows 8 is built upon windows NT 6.2. Win 7 was NT 6.1, Vista was 6.0, XP was 5.1, yada yada.

Does this mean that viruses won’t run on Win8 unless the writer first obtains Microsoft’s approval?