Windows 7 SP 1: Good? Bad?

I see that Windows 7 SP 1 is now queued up for download. Anyone install it? Is there any reason to be concerned or is it just another update but bigger? Also does it include those Windows Live Essentials that I have been avoiding downloading for a few months now? I was thinking Microsoft might stick them in there to basically force everyone to install them.

Any anecdotes are appreciated.

Here’s a page that contains the release notes and a list of fixes & updates:

I’ve installed it on a couple test machines at work and on my home PC. No major changes and no new problems. I’d say it’s safe, but there’s no great need to install it either.

I installed it a few days ago, because I wasn’t paying attention. So far, everything seems to work just fine. I probably should update my graphics drivers, I guess. But I don’t feel a pressing need for it. </shrug>

I haven’t seen a difference. Nothing has improved or gotten worse.
I have a lot of problemswith Windows Explorer and was hoping this would fix it, but so far nothing.

At least for me, SP1 was listed as an optional update for my home pc so that should tell you what Microsoft thinks of it’s relative importance.

Since I keep my machine current with all of their updates throughout the year I guess there wasn’t much new to download.

Khadaji, that problem is probably either a virus and/or corrupted files. If you’ve tried running malwarebytes and the tool recommended in the microsoft answer, System file checker, and neither worked - then you probably need to reinstall windows.

You might try running Ccleaner’s registry fix, I suppose. Sort of a long shot but it’s free and it can’t hurt.

Ccleaner is decent but beware what you have checked to be cleaned, like cookies that you actually want to remain on your computer.

Not that I’ve done this mind you.

Oh hell, yes I did. :smack:

Yeah, been there. :slight_smile:

But I was really talking about their Registry Cleaning tool, which is a separate feature than their Cleaner tool. When you look at the left hand vertical menu, it says


Select “Registry”, check all the boxes, scan for issues, and then fix all the issues it turns up. Just let it make whatever fixes it wants. It only takes a few moments.

It might not help, but then again it might, and it’s cheap and easy to try.

I’d double-check that if I were you. If SP1 is showing up in the optional updates section, something is very badly corrupted somewhere.

If there are other pending “important” updates, SP1 is usually not selected by default (to avoid incompatibilities). But, once those others are installed, it should be selected by default in the Windows Update dialog.

It’ll also alphabetize your bookmarks for no apparent reason :mad: