Windows 7 Virtual PC - Can't create new virtual machines

Yesterday I downloaded and installed Virtual PC and XP Mode for my Windows 7 Professional PC. XP mode works just fine, so I know that virtual PC is working fine.

In the future, I might want to create other virtual PCs*. What I’m supposed to do is open up the folder that’s used to manage virtual machines, and there should be an option to create a new virtual machine. I don’t have that option.

Googling for help only says that you can’t create a virtual machine if you have a roaming profile. I’m not using one, so that’s not it.

I know that it’s kind of a long shot to ask for help about this, but what the heck.
*I also have and use Virtualbox, so if I can’t figure out how to make virtual machines for Windows Virtual PC I still have options.

What options do you have? Are you logged in as an Administrator?

I can edit properties of the XP mode guest, and I, security be damned :D, I always log in as Admin (Local Admin, I’m not part of a domain).

It sounds like you’re in the wrong screen. If you’ve installed Virtual PC, it should be a separate entry on the Start Menu. You need to click Start, All Programs, Windows Virtual PC, Windows Virtual PC.

Hmm… what is the CPU inside your PC?

It doesn’t have Hardware Assisted Virtualization Technology but there’s a patch that let’s it run if your CPU doesn’t have it…actually, I think that question helped because looking at the support FAQ:

Is hardware virtualization better?

For Windows XP Mode the performance will be more than acceptable with or without hardware virtualization. For developers using Virtual PC with Windows Vista or Windows 7 virtual machines we recommend HAV as the non-HAV is only tuned for XP Mode.
So it probably has to do with my CPU being sub-par.

Are you missing the button that says “Create new virtual machine” in this screenshot?

If its a hardware issue, you can use VirtualBox to do virtualization. Its doesnt require the built-in virtualization support.

Yes, I’m missing that button and I assume it’s because my CPU doesn’t support hardware virtualization.

Psst…read the tiny print in the OP…:slight_smile: