Windows 98 question (too mundane for GQ)

Windows 98 SE

Is it possible to sort the icons in the little “tray” that contains the clock?

As far as I know, the simple answer is no. The icons in the system tray appear in the order that they are loaded which I believe is controlled by the system registry. Since the systray icons are usually loaded at startup I don’t believe the user has any control over them.

I suppose if you hacked the way they load you could sort them, but I imagine that it would create problems somewhere along the line.

Actually, you can sort them if you get this program called TraySaver. I found it at PC World website ( Basically, it loads into the system tray like any other program and lets you play around w/ it. Its not perfect at what it does but I have yet to see another program that lets you put anything you want into the system tray like this one does. Its also not designed for sorting and there is no built in function to do it. Basically, you’ll have to hide and show the icons in the order you want manually.

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