Windows Application Logs: where are they?

A friend told me something about these “Windows Application Logs” that are kept hidden on my Win98 computer. He said they keep track of everything I open!

I can’t find these logs? Where are they?

There is a thing called an Application Log in Windows, but I don’t believe that it’s included in Win98, and it certainly doesn’t keep track of everything you open. The App Log on Windows NT is viewed with the Event Viewer under Administrative Tools on NT4, or by right-clicking on “My Computer” and choosing “Manage” on Win2K. It keeps track of information from different applications - mostly things that run as NT Services such as SQL Server or some backup software programs.

Your friend may have been thinking of a Browser’s history file, which keeps track of every web page you open. In Internet Explorer, under Tools-Options you’re given a choice to delete those files.

As far as I know, there is nothing in Win98 that keeps track of every file or program you open.

The closest to an application log in Win98 that I know of is the optional boot up file BOOTLOG.TXT, which when created resides in the root of C:. But this only tells you all the tasks that run to get Windows up and going, not every program you’ve ever run.