Windows error event 1517

I have a Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop running Win XP SP3 which when updating produces some errors saying some patches could not be installed. This prompted me to look in the event log to see if I could find anything there.

I found many errors but one repeated many times is event 1517

Can anyone make any sense of that and explain it in terms I can understand? What do I need to to do to get rid of it?

I am hoping clearing these errors might lead to being able to install the patches.

Installing UPHClean should fix that problem.

I don’t believe that error is anything to do with your failure to install patches. Make another attempt to install a patch and look at the error log immediately to see what new errors have been added by that attempt.

Go to Windows Update in IE and select “Review your update history” on the left. Items with a red X indicate failed updates (which are usually repeated many times as Windows tries to apply them again and again).

The solution may be there; if not, the particular update in question will provide a clue. is your friend.

That looks promising. I’ll try it when I get a chance. Thanks.

I finally managed to install UPHClean but it took a lot of fumbling around. First I needed to validate the copy of Windows XP as genuine and that was a mess. It asked me to download and run a validadtion program and then it gave me an error saying that version was no longer supported :rolleyes: After much fumbling around in the dark I managed to install UPHClean.

When I have more time I will continue and see if this resolves the problem I am having with the patches.

Well, update KB951978 still fails to install. Any ideas?

I finally managed to install it by following the instructions at